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How to lift your energy 

Home Silk Road interior design ideas

Izidor Habjanič Dori

landscape architect, interior designer, living space energy researcher, and publicist

July 2017
Above all: “If you read only one article about Silk Road, then read this one…interior design ideas, a perfect start for decorating DIY projects!”
How can Silk Road help you to maintain your health safe and lead a successful lifestyle? If you read only one article about Silk Road, then read this one! This article is about your personal Home Silk Road! You will learn how to lift your energy by improving the routes and paths of your home, office, and garden with interior design ideas. Consequently, you will profit tips for energy boosting interior design ideas. Read on and learn about personally useful hints from the attractive role model, The Silk Road.
The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes that were for centuries central to cultural interaction through regions of the Asian continent connecting the East and West and stretching from the Korean peninsula and Japan to the Mediterranean Sea.

A role model for interior design ideas

Seem like a gold mine to be used. Let’s use The Silk Road as our role model for decorating DIY project and take advantage of using its three legendary especially relevant properties: (1) effectiveness, (2) exchange offer, and (3) attractiveness and apply them. Where exactly? On the almost entirely forgotten element of your home/office and garden design: on the routes, and trails. The roads and trails of your home are a fascinating topic, advantageous if you decide to Give it more attention! 
We can cleverly use The Silk Road as a role model for useful interior design ideas rearrangements and small corrections of our existing routes and trails. It is A splendid Way to keep your health safe and lead a successful lifestyle.

How will we discover which are the necessary small changes on our routes and trails for evoking beneficial energies? We will use the three already exposed Silk Road properties. We will adopt them and implement them

Therefore”…three legendary Silk Road properties: (1) effectiveness, (2) exchange offer, and (3) attractiveness…”
Glorius effectiveness of Silk Road: China, Western Regions, and the central Asia could build a great foundation for the trade and cultural exchange after Chinas diplomats broke down the connections barriers.
Photograph via Chinadiscovery
First of all (1) The Effectiveness:
The Silk Road, a system of several land and sea routes, demonstrated exceptional efficiency. It made widely opened “free” flow of transit possible! Despite the heavy physical efforts to overcome the Silk Road’s distances (mountains/frost, desserts/heat, sea storms and sandstorms), the multifaceted, secure transportability was ensured. The skillful arrangements of Chinese diplomats bridged the barriers of cultural pre-emptions and, above all, eradicated frequent robbery. They Conditioned and finally ensured the Glorious effectiveness of Silk Road.

(ad1) Use of the knowledge

Following the glorious example of the Silk Road, we should ensure the effectiveness of your Home Silk Road. This is, of course, a matter of totally different scale, but should be praised for the same Quality and competence of effectiveness.

The arrangement of a flat, office or a garden is, simply put, a surface, covered by volume elements that overlap a considerable part of this surface. Left empty spaces on this planar (that is, parts without volume elements) define the territory for our movement in home, office, and garden. These routes and trails should guarantee the maximum effectiveness for easy accessing all the areas and equipment of our living space.

Illustrating the simplified way how to see home/office/garden arrangements:  “Living space arrangements are volume elements distributed on planes.”

Now start finding all your routes and trails and check their effectiveness! Then start to lift their efficiency by ensuring the properly opened and uninterrupted flow on all of them

But study first some common cause/examples of poor efficiency for warming up (illustrated below). 

Reduced effectiveness: damaged floor (picture on the right side)
Reduced effectiveness: illegible route guidance (left side picture and below)
Reduced effectiveness: sudden obstacles (right side picture). Fluid walk robbed (picture below) because of height change as attention/comfort “robber”!
Reduced effectiveness: water as obstacle Beautifull, but where and how can we move efficiently and relaxed?

Conclusion on providing effectiveness on your routes and paths: Make your Home Silk Road recognizable, transient and free of any barriers and attention “robbers.” Set them up as surfaces without threats of getting lost, tripping or hooking on the way.

Lift your energy b lifting the energy of your roads and trails just by examining and approving the effectiveness of your Home Silk Road. 

Furthermore:”…three legendary Silk Road properties: (1) effectiveness, (2) exchange offer, and (3) attractiveness…
Above all, The Silk Road was an important “internet” of places for exchange and many diverse experiences.
Photograph via Chinadiscovery
Most noteworthy (2) The Exchange offer:

On Silk Road, rarely, a single person travelled all the way. But students, diplomats, merchants, soldiers, and priests met at crossroads and exchanged goods, information, cultural habits, worldview, and knowledge. This crossroads where an essential part of the route. Not the Silk Road itself but its meeting-sharing spots, which formed the network of most fruitful and intense exchange. The Silk Road was the “Necklace with crossroad pearls” and therefore the symbol of sharing and exchange offer.

(ad2) Use of the knowledge

Similarly as with the first essential fact let us learn from this Silk Road essential fact: the next smart way to improve the power of your living space is to nurture your Home Silk Road with frequent occurrence of places with interesting arrangements for the exchange offer. Don’t let your Home Silk Road be boring. Offer a dynamic exchange of space use; it’s visual and other sensual experiences and contact possibilities.

It seems like You can start acting on this kind of improvements immediately. Just see some of my short selection of examples and illustrations below first!

This path to main entrance is a sad, boring experience.
Routes to entrances (picture right side and below) as reach and inspiring experience.
These paths to the balcony (left side picture) and garden terraces (two picture below) offer reach exchange and moving experiences.
Routes and paths in this two living spaces (picture left side and two below) offer movement places of exchange and experiences.
Picture of a Garden (Far left), before offering reach experiences for movement in it, and the same garden (near left side) after offering reach experience for a walk on the new path.
Below you can see Fishermen’s net Palace in Suzhou, China. Most noteworthy! It is the best example of the garden design I can offer on given subject! This garden provides paths and routes wonderfully loaded with experience and exchange possibilities. The roads are all properly hardened and mostly even roofed for delightful walking adventure in any weather.  Walking in this garden can’t  finish without incredibly rich and varied sensual and emotional experience

Now you can go and take action in favor of finding or installing new home decor possibilities for sharing and exchange on your home routes and paths. I have just two small added contributions/advice before you go and act as learned from our Silk Road role model teachings.

(1) First added advice is: Check if your offer of excitement on your Home silk road is not too variegated and therefore a potential for (too) big distraction. Make sure you try to do something about calming down too intense/excessive experience if needed.

Beware! Sometimes the “offer” of experience can be too colorfool (right side picture and below). This can become a problem for the efficiency of your paths and routes because excessive offer on the Road can turn to a “robber” of your attention.

(2) Secondly: offer some excitement on all your Home silk roads, even if it is an almost unfeasible Challenge on elongated channel-like routes, “sentenced” to be boring (although with dynamic, even damaging “Shar chi” flow, according to Feng shui)Allways try to do something. Below I offer small helping  “Discussion” on this problem. 

Offering sharing possibilities on your longitudinal routes and paths are hard. Long and narrow, they can offer a minimal exchange, often just the exchange of experience. You can observe this “fight against boredom” on pictures below, with no possibilities to provide a real exchange. On longitudinal routes (pictured below), there is a “fight against boredom” with an offer of art on the wall, bookshelves, windows, etc..
Commonly, we don’t have windows to offer or even enough space for bookshelves to add excitement-lift on our route. Don’t give up. Always try something! With the insertion of a small obstacle, we ca force the user/Walker into a slight bend of strait walk line (pictures below). An insertion is an important form of ensuring exchange on longitudinal routes! Albite only just with a rhythm (ex)change.

Now you can go and find/check possibilities of your routes and trails to share and engage with diverse use of living space! Make sure to use all the opportunities for your routes and trails to meet exciting experiences your living space can offer. Set up a fair amount of places for exchange and sharing

You have everything you need to lift the energy of your roads and trails just by approving the experience and sharing offer on your Home Silk Road.

Consequently “…three legendary Silk Road properties: (1) effectiveness, (2) exchange offer, and (3) attractiveness
Everywhere present Exotic picturesqueness on The Silk Road.
Finally (3) The Attractiveness:

Finally, let’s learn from The Silk Road, our role model, yet another smart way to improve the power of your living space: by enriching your home routes and paths with attractive accents and appealing.

We can all agree on a fact that The Silk Road is a generally recognized symbol for utmost attractive exotic picturesqueness.

(ad3) Use of the knowledge

Bring this symbolic picturesqueness of Silk road as close as possible to the experience of your Home Silk Road. This needs not to be further explained! Make your Home Silk Road just as attractive as possible (but don’t overdue!!!). With placing attractions to have the utmost pleasant experience while moving on them.

Inspect your routes and paths and set up interventions to look them interesting, inviting and visually pleasing, with art and craft attractions, exalted ornaments and equipment.

Please accept (below),  just a few visual encouragement of good solutions before you start your Creative journey on setting your rout’s and path’s picturesqueness.

Nature outside and biophilic equipment inside for build Unity and to offer picturesque movement between inside and outside living space.
Wall decoration and furniture at work for picturesque/inviting moving experience (right side and below)
This near-door floor graphic underscores attractively the movement between inside and outside.
Inviting picturesque movement areas by the commonly effective help of art and craft, and of course, the help of vegetation!

You got the extra motivation to go and lift the energy of your roads and trails by checking and boosting up the attractiveness of your Home Silk Road. 

Bring symbolic picturesqueness of original Silk Road as close as possible to the experience of your Home Silk Road.

Let me conclude!
bove all, I hope that I have managed to convince you to intervene in your routes and paths at home/office or in the garden to lift your energy by lifting the energy of your living space. It will be fun and beneficial too, for sure.

Izidor Habjanič Dori



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