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How to stop the silence of the potted plant?

You can engage your potted plant to raise your vitality!

Photo by elCarito on Unsplash

Will you accept invaluable help of potted plant for better life? 

Did you notice that everyday life is messy and demanding? Of course, you did, because you fight many intense and exhausting day to day combats. Sometimes even the last bone in your body is hurting as a result of this struggles!

You fight and struggle for your family, your children and, not to forget (although you make this mistake too often, especially mothers and furthermore grandmothers), you fight for yourselve to survive. I know, I know! There are lots of problems to solve for others around you before you even come to think about yourself, your dreams, expectations and interests! And conseguently there is no energy left for you, yourself!

But there is a comfortable and inviting procedure to raise your vitality. This procedute enables you to jump-up enough energy for doing better for all the others and in the and even four yourself.  It is using your living space in a most lovely way. This procedure is arising your love for the potted plant in a form that it acts in your favor. These silent Mozart lovers, the potted plants can lift your vitality! Enormously. And you can achieve, that this abelity of theirs is quickly anebled. Let me teach you how to do that!

The basics

First, it is essential that you understand the basics! Why and how can the potted plant provide you with a better life? It’s because of their attractive looks and most noteworthy with proper living space instalments tactics for exposing their beauty. 


You could learn the basics of living space instalments tactic of unique objects (like potted plants) in two blog-posts:

Please reread it! It is a perfect start to this blog-post. As a result you will deepen your skills and hopefully also your attraction to potted plants.

Treasure love by being present, great vitality will follow!

Let’s continue with a short but far-reaching stage-setting story. It is an excerpt from the book “One writer’s beginnings” by Eudora Welty.

“When I was young enough to still spend a long time buttoning my shoes in the morning, I’d listen toward the hall: Daddy upstairs was shaving in the bathroom and Mother downstairs was frying the bacon. They would begin whistling back and forth to each other up and down the stairwell. My father would whistle his phrase, my mother would try to whistle, then hum hers back. It was their duet. I drew my buttonhook in and out and listened to it-I knew it was “The Merry Widow.” The difference was, their song almost floated with laughter: how different from the record, which growled from the beginning, as if the Victrola were only slowly being wound up. They kept it running between them, up and down the stairs where I was now just about ready to run clattering down and show them my shoes.”

Replica to the story

I hope you agree! First of all, the story is full of love, pouring from grasped “now” moments, captured by the child (Eudora)! But what has this story to do with our mission to boost your vitality with the help of potted plant? A lot! It makes you understand the core principle of how and in which cases the potted plant can do its optimum life-changing job for you:

  • If the beautiful plant manages to find its delicate way to you, to notice its beauty. Every day, consistently and as many times as possible!
  • Furthermore if it succeeds in forcing you to be more present in the moment of “now”.

The beauty of the plant, specially if exposed in the right place of your living space, forces you to be present! And when you are present (because of noticing the beauty of the plant), you are present in the beauty of the moment. This moment holds a whole universe of incredible grace for us all! There you can and will find love, and also the vitality that follows this presence in the “now” moment! Just like in the story.  

The confrontation with the beautiful plant helps us to stop procrastinating toward “someday”. Soaking in the beauty of now gives you an undisputable power for incrementing your vitality.

The moment holds a whole universe of unbelievable beauty for us, but we don’t notice it! We rather run toward “someday” and make ourselves myriad of excuses to avoid the treasures of “now”. And we suffer and we lose by procrastination of being present! It doesn’t have to be like this!

So learn some basics about potted plants, be helpful to them and treat them with respect.

Know thy potted plant

Today it is effortless to know everything about every potted plant in your home.

Today it is effortless to know everything about every potted plant in your home. You can learn all you need in books, periodicals and most of all, on the web.

Your first step should be to make an inventory of all your potted plans. You should know each potted plant you have! For example, learn its name, place of its origin and how you can achieve its best grow and its best condition.

Yes, it takes some time and effort to do that most efficiently for our purposes. To help you, I prepared for you a little workbook: “Small activities to employ your plants in the lifting of your vitality”, so that you can do it almost effortlessly. You can download it at the end of the blog post in the Takeaway section.  

With the list of all your potted plants and a record of all their specifics, you are prepared to start an entirely new collaboration with them. The glowing plants in a brilliant shape and condition will lift your life and overall potential.

Admire and respect all plants

Yes, it is pretty logical that vivid plants in their best condition can lift your life and overall potential. But you can at least triple that effect by following my next suggested activity.

I suggest an entertaining, not much time-consuming activity of conditioning yourself for great admire and respect of the plants. Finally, this activity will open a sort of special dialogue with your plants. 

So what do you have to do, to start this proper, useful and needed dialogue?

You have to engage in the potted plant world. This is fun and easy. Engaging in the potted plant world the way I suggest below is about all you have to do. Just follow a reminder/checklist below!

You will start to recognize the deepest, very important and also amazing attractions of each and every plant you grow. That will result in admiration, respect and in the end in vivid dialogue with your plants. And that my friend will lift your life and your overall potential immensely!

Here is a reminder/checklist for you:

 Make a habit of stopping at the local nursery!

Often stop at your local nursery or flower shop and enjoy the display of potted plants on offer! Use this as a opportunity to have beautiful moments of enthusiasm and a great time!

Photo by Chris Abney on Unsplash

 Use the internet to subscribe to the blog pages!

Use the internet to subscribe to many possible blog pages about the potted plants. For example, after you finish reading this blog, you can come back and click to check out this tree blog pages:  The houseplant guruThe sill and The plants are the stranges people.

 Use Pinterest!

Use Pinterest as a dynamic address to enjoy potted plants and to get the ideas. For example look (Click and check after finishing reading) Pinterest collection.

 Regularly visit your bookstore!

Regularly visit your bookstore and enjoy its ever-changing offer. Borrow yourself books about potted plants. Don’t forget the bookstores on the internet. There you can find many great digital books. 

 Regularly visit Youtube!

Visit the Youtube regularly to collect know-how about potted plants on exciting webinars and courses the Youtube offers you. Just open Youtube, write “plant” in search field and start surfing (but after finishing reading this blog).

With the potted plants, a longer lasting dance is needed, even more, a sort of a real relationship. It demands more care,  sensible watch and “deeper digging” for seeing the spectacular beauty of growth and developement fuly.

Don’t worry! All this will happen if you’ll engage yourself in the potted plant world first. Just perform the above-listed amusing activities.

Optimum positioning of your potted plants

Now the last and very important act: Position potted plants properly so that they can perform their mission: supporting your best functioning for your better life! Let’s learn about that!

  • Put your potted plant on its mission of lifting of your life by putting it into the central point of interest!

For the best location, you should consider the lessons I gave you in the blog post How to expose decor for a colossal delight? 

  • Make sure that immediate surrounding is in service of supporting and exposing the beauty of the plant!

Surrounding should function as a frame that lifts the beauty and importance of the plant. It should be engaged to bring the plant in the best “spotlight”.

There is a common habit of using potted plants as a handy decor objects to elevate the appearance of some design area in your home. And that is fine.

But in our case, when we committ the potted plant to the assignment of life lifting, you must use a diferent approuch. The potted plants with special mission should be in the centre of interest and not merely a decor object for design rounding up.

For example, see the photos in Group A, where potted plants only round up the appearance of certain living area parts. Then look  to the pictures in Group B, where the potted plants are positioned for support and to expose just the beauty of their own and therefore raising at the same time the life of residents.

You should aim toward designs as the ones in Group B, of course!

Photo by Grovemade on Unsplash

Group A:

Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash

Group B:

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash

Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

Learn more about in a little workbook I prepared for you: “Small activities to employ your plants in the lifting of your vitality”, so that you can do it almost effortlessly. You can download it at the  Takeaway section below.

The Takeaway

You have to get closer to your plants, especially to those employed in a mission of lifting your life!
Hopefully, I showed you enough inspiring guidance so you can start and continue the journey of getting closer to the plants. Please download also a little workbook with the click: “Small activities to employ your plants in the lifting of your vitality”.


The silent plant can plug you into nourishing of your vitality, so you can continue the battles of life with less stress. Providing you with a better life in return for some easy and pleasing cultivation, that is the power of the potted plant!

Keep exploring and retain the amazement about plants. Maybe you will dare to go on even steeper, but also more fulfilling way of opening the dialogue with the plant, practising the art of Bonsai? Fantastic!

In the end, it doesn’t matter which way of getting closer to your potted plant you will choose.

With above-suggested activities and behaviour, you will stop the silence of your potted plant.

Yes, it’s true, you still won’t hear anything, but the noise of mighty help of your potted plant will be decisive and tireless!

Don’t take my word on that! Try it out!

Photo by Meiying Ng on Unsplash

 Thank you for your time and attention!

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See you next time for simple bits of advice on evoking the beneficial powers of your living space!

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