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How to run into best life with Guided Focus Design?

Learn how to practice Guided Focus Design to get stronger, solve problems and progress in better more enriched life!

Do you notice the beauty of the tree in the above design? 

See, you notice the beauty of this much common tree on the photo above, because of its supporting design! The dull, undisturbing grey design of the space near the tree lifts your ability to notice and to see the beauty of the tree!

We will learn how to practice Guided Focus Design to get this way the help for getting stronger, to solve problems and to progress in better more enriched life.

The Guided Focus Design hides a secret on how to enrich your life, immediately, using the potent, life-evoking POWERS of living space!

Is there a secret?

Is there a secret on how to enrich and empower your life immediately? Yes, it is! Design your residence to notice and focus on the beauty!

Can designed focus actively enrich and empower your life?

Let’s start with the story! Everyone’s story actually!

When we were very young, hopefully, there was a person in our life, that knew how to share our enthusiasm. For the most of us, for sure, our grandmother was one of them!

She understood how to lift! She was supporting our happy passion with whatever was momentarily in our focus.

She didn’t just show interest. She shouted thrilled, brought up her hands and rolled up her eyes in amazement over every great achievement of ours!

Do you remember for example how amazed and thrilled she was, for example, over a dead frog we just found!

Grandmothers, thank you!

Photo by Alex Harvey on Unsplash

Replica to the story

“Support” is the critical word in our just exposed story! Bear in mind your beautiful experiences with your grandma or with any other person that supported you and your enthusiasm. We will use the story to approach the supporting of Guided Focus Design. The guided focus design is a trigger for supporting our better lives! 

For our living space, we collect many items that could make us happy, evoke our beautiful memories or share art’s messages of life’s beauty and dipper meanings. This items all support our better life experience. But…

… The unique items of art, beauty, and memories have to be noticed to support us! Sadly, usualy they are not notified enough, if even! To deliver their beneficial messages to us, they have to be noticed. So in our existing busy lives, we must ensure a way to notice the beauty first, to see it! And this can be done with guided focus design.

The Guided Focus Design is the way we guide our conscius to realy expiriance (from us previous exposed) beauty, art and souvenirs that we daily run into in our home, office or garden.

With easy to do boosting living space capabilities to easily and more constantly focus on them. With guided focus design we condition our living space to do the superb support of noticing beauty, art and great memories we surround us with. That way, just like our grandmothers, Guided Focus Design is suporrting our passion for life.  


Time to act with Guided Focus Design!

We will arrange our living space for constant focus on special beauty/memory/art elements in three easy steps:

Walk around or take a seat on favorite places in your home, garden or office and spot the attention-grabbing locations, points in the room or in the garden that attracts our attention.
I’m sure that something of importance to you is already placed on this spots. If not, be sure to find something special and place it on this in #1 Step defined spot.
Walk around or take a seat on favorite places in your home, garden or office and spot the attention-grabbing locations, points in the room or in the garden that attracts our attention.

How to ensure the unique items to stand out?

Now we will finally set up and implement the Guided Focus Design!

It is easy to do and the steps of Guided Focus Design below should have the desirable result: lifted capabilities to notice and to focus on the beautiful, artful and memorable in your home, office or garden.


Remove all the potential attention-grabbing “competition” near your chosen item. The chosen item should be without any concurrence and will easily grab your attention because being more or less alone od the right spot. Don’t allow and distraction from other interesting items. 


Near materials, colors, and forms, everything should be retained and in support the focus on your main special object.


Alow also a lot of empty space around your chosen special items. Empty space will allow you to focus even more on this chosen objects.

Carry out the above and the object exposed this way, will be noticed and actually seen. The beneficial processes triggered by beauty/ memories/art will be started. Your enthusiasm for life will start to rise…  


Guided Focus Design will actively enrich and empower your life!

When you notice something, you start to see it! The seen can trigger your amazement. With the amazement the passion for life will emerge, happiness follows, your health is supported! New energy occurs, your life is rich!

You should understand this simple logic sequence (above) that you can nurture with designed focus!

Act immediately and enjoy the process and the results!

Thank you for your time and attention and see you next time for simple bits of advice on evoking the beneficial powers of your living space! Please feel free to leave a comment and/or share this blog on social media!

Izidor HABJANIČ Dori


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