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The power of living space in service of health 

Garden ideas for the oldest place you will find Health

How to DIY garden to find your recovery key

Izidor Habjanič Dori

landscape architect, interior designer, living space energy researcher, and publicist



Your decision about using garden ideas on how to DIY garden the oldest place you will find health

The potential of your living space, the oldest place for defending and preserving your health is enormous if adequately designed! Just with some small design changes you can improve and protect your health, and consequently, retain the option to run your life successfully and with all the power needed! So you should perform appropriate design or do some small redesigning in your home, garden, and office to support your health and your initial healthy decision should be: “Now I know how I can find my recovery key! I will hurry and do some proper (re)design in my living space for my better health!”
In this blog post, I will help you and advise you with garden ideas on quick, cheap and easy done proper design changes in your garden, the oldest place you will find health and lift it!

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The micro-garden of bonsai is a power place in which you can find health! (Photo by Lafly)

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So, we all have a garden, the oldest place you will find health. Use it to trigger and increase your capability to recover from lousy health state of stress and strain that remains after your work and everyday survival activities. Let me teach you how!

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How to redesign your garden the oldest place you will find health

Spend a few minutes now on reading this text and carry out the (re)design suggestions for an essential part of your garden, an area that can lift your recovery capability: your peaceful seat area. It is one of your garden’s best health defending places and has significant potential to speed up your recovery process. So act on few small changes suggested below and got excellent results immediately!

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Photo by Unsplash



Garden as your theater

Imagine you are the director, who puts on stage the exceptional evergreen show. This show always puts the audience in the high mood of serenity, starting their thorough recovery, boosting their health.

The theater in which the play is going to be played is your outside or inside garden, and your soothing seat area, here in focus, is crucial for the best following of the show on stage.

Notice that this blog is not about the stage, not about “admiration arrangement”, not about the part of garden we put in the spotlight! It is about the also crucial area that enables the enjoyment of it.
As a director of fantastic evergreen show your should provide the enjoyment true seating experience in the soothing seat area with two crucial properties:
(1) the exellent position of the soothing seat place and
(2) suitable environment directly around the soothing seat place and broader, around the stage with admired evergreen show on the spot.

The Excellent position of the soothing seat place

The excellent location of the soothing seat place (in your outside or inside garden) should provide (1) an uninterrupted view on the stage, that is on the chosen point of interest. Remember soothing seat place is designed for your calming down, for your recovery thru smooth concentration on the play, the tranquil appearance of your garden! Disturbed view on stage is disturbing this process and there for the first thing you should fix as a director. Enable undisturbed view on the scene.

Before/After seating area’s opened view. Less disturbed view provides more attention on tranquil far lake landscape ensuring even more recover potential for the users.

Your favorite seating pace for serenity provoking evergreen garden show should be (2) located in some calm part of your living space.

Every garden outside or inside your living space has or should have different parts of use, suited for various possible activities. For more noisy events and the more quiet ones. For smooth view of the serenity provoking evergreen garden show, your special soothing seat place shouldn’t be near areas with noisy activities on your inside or outside living space. Loud areas are incompatible with soothing seat area!

Soothing seat place should not be close to, for example, laundry room, dining table, TV set, garden workshop or children’s playground in your garden. Why? Obviously, you won’t be able to enjoy the serenity provoking bonsai while alert with big TV nearby, questioning yourself what will Arnold Schwarzenegger do in the next moment with the chain in the film Terminator III or how and when the ball from children’s playground is accidentally going to hit you in the head.

Try to add excellence to your favorite seating area position also by (3)orienting your stage confronting seat correctly in a beneficial Feng shui direction at the same time (check your beneficial Feng shui directions ).

The appropriate seating environment

The next thing you need to provide as a director of serenity provoking evergreen show is the proper environment. You should give suitable image of the right environment around the soothing sitting area and the area around the scene itself. This area must be (re)designed to guarantee mostly just one thing: the enjoyment of the empowering serenity of your however small or big garden. Design of right environment around the soothing sitting area and the area around the scene itself must enable you to focus on the stage and not to steal any of your attention from it.

Too many things — plants, shapes, no order, no symmetry, no focus, no hierarchy. I admit, there is some poetry in lightness of the design, but in “constantly stolen attention” of this design there is no real chance for guided attention to peaceful enjoyment of a single plant or plant composition in favor of better recovery from everyday stress and strain (Photo by Yellowtrace).

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Now enough about “what” to achieve in soothing seat area and “why” to aim to achieve it! Let’s concentrate now on “how!”

What can you do in praxis to get excellent results

Now check out your chosen soothing seat area situation and then work on it in simple steps listed below.

  1. Put your soothing area seat in the excellent position! You must position this chair to enjoy the best view of the chosen garden scene of course. But it is also essential, to do this in a way that it feels safe when using this seat and enjoying the view. How? Check that no or very rear traffic of people runs at the back of your chair and that you have good overview of happenings in front and around you. Orient your seat in a proper Feng shui direction in an easy three-step process, explained in my blog Your home as your fortress of health on Medium. According to Feng shui, you can derive proper recovering process only with correct location and orientation of this seat.
  2. Ensure appropriate seating environment! Make small redesign changes in your garden. Ensure suitable image of the environment around the sitting area and the area around the scene for enabling dominance of serene energy. Provide easy focus with no distractions to admire the presented part of garden view placed in attention by: (1) calming down the near surroundings of seating area with preventing too many forms, colors, textures (patterns), sharp, sparky shapes or glossy materials (shiny surfaces) and (2) ensuring order with design of controlled hierarchy over presented elements around the view.

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PICTURES GALLERY ILLUSTRATING THE ADVICE ON SOOTHING SEAT AREA The gallery below is starting with the lousy example picture, followed by two right example pictures and lastly ending with two before/after photos as an example of implementing some possible changes presented in this blog, in favor of lifting the soothing seat area’s ability to boost your recovery. Pictures gallery ends with examples of soothing seat area offer in three world haritage gardens.

Lousy seat area: unsafe back with possible people traffic behind, too many forms, shapes, colors and textures to calm down or to recover more easily with the help of garden’s potential serene energies (Photo by Usplash)

Simple but effective soothing sit area connected meaningfully and with recovery potential to one plan-garden, revealing the beauty of its presence, its growth, and development (Photo by Usplash)

Effective recovery soothing seat for calming while admiring the simple terrace garden (Photo by Unsplash)

Before (Photo by Unsplash)

After lifting the calmness of soothing seat area with repetitive material of planting, that reduces the amount of shapes and textures seen in environment before redesign

In the Chinese garden pavillions are a traditional indispensable offer of the soothing seat area. (Suzhou, China)

Soothing seat area for the Italian renaissance garden view was usually installed in the Villa. Benches were installed only as a part of walking experience in this gardens. (Florence, Villa Schifanoia)

The most classical English landscape garden view from the soothing bench. But in summer all the grass seen here in front becomes one broad restful sitting area. (England, Stourhead)

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Congratulations, you arrived at the end

Now you got a useful “garden idea”, a DIY garden advice on How can I find my recovery key and on How can you redesign your garden,  to use the potential of the oldest place you can find health.

Imagine a seating area, one from which you can easily connect with the particular scene of garden arrangement (outside or inside) and profiting from its beneficial serenity. It does not matter if you are watching the sunset over your many hectares big garden or just enjoying the growth and development of your only room potplant. It is crucial to do it regularly with great joy and as a habit from the particular sitting spot. Inaugurate this special seating place of such importance. It is an instalment for your everyday delights and joys of life. You must have it as the crucial part of the garden the oldest place you will find health.

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Surely it will also be interesting for you to learn how to (re)design some scene arrangements of admiration in the garden. Something to enjoy the above discussed special soothing seating place. So, in the coming blog post, I will discuss this matter and address the possibilities to lift one special scene arrangement with the design of water motives for your outside and inside living space.

See you next time for simple bits of advice for evoking the beneficial powers of your living space!

Izidor HABJANIČ Dori



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