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Less known [SURPRISINGLY EASY] advice for use of your living space beneficial powers

Less known [SURPRISINGLY EASY] advice for use of your living space beneficial powers

Yes! Most of your problems (even seemingly irresolvable ones) can be solved. By you, with the help of your dwelling!


By regularly and systematically employing your living space beneficial powers! We all have them, we just need to use them, as a problem solving assistant and a fulfilling life source!


My name is Izidor Habjanič Dori, B.Sc. spacial planning and design. I can make you familiar with living space forces via blog post. Regularly, with lot of free, simple to do and very efective advice!

As an engineer I have more than 30 years professional experience. I can teach you how to use and employ very old know-how for condition the powers of your living space. But also how to use the latest modern science for obtaining strong energy from your dwelling. No sorcery involved, guarantied!

… although the results you will get will certainly look as if they were obtained by some magic!




Here is my today’s principal important advice for you to obtain a lot of energy from your living space:

Uplift your womens’s genius!

Can you believe that? I argue that solving problems is possible and mutch easier by uplifting your women genius. By uplifting your women genius with addressing your living space, you are consequently awakening more energy in your living space! And this energy will certainly help you solve your problems. Not just the small ones. All of them!

So let me show you an easy and effective way to do that: to recruit the powers of living space for redevelop and elevate your women genius and energies(*).

(*)Your are special, attractive and unique and your living space can elevate that! Most noteworthy, living space can do that 100% effective! As a result you and the others will be reminded how special you are.

… Let me explain how you can activate, how you can trigger this effect from your apartment, your garden your working space. Step by step.

Probably the best way to start to explain you the importance and potential of solving problems through awakening and stimulating invigorating feminine energy is by telling you a story.

Therefore… a true story about my grandmother.

My grandmother

My grandmother (“babica” in the Slovenian language) was doing a hard job of a housewife for a family of seven members. She was providing for home and its atmosphere of pleasure in the years between both world wars. In times of  all the shortages during, before and after the war times. So, most of the time she was running (together with my grandfather, “dedek” in the Slovenian language) a home with not enough commodities and money.

The modest living room

I remember the humble living room of my grandparents in the sixties. There was not much in that living room. Only elementary equipment: a big table with corner benches, a couch (later confronted with TV), the tiled stove, curtains on windows, crucifix in the corner above table and the beautiful wall clock with its loudly slow ticking sound and quarterly ringing tone. This was pretty much everything. But it seems like it was enought…

The living room was only the scenery

The modest living room was more than enough. Especially relevant, it was enought “stage” for my grandmother to perform and demonstrate her feminine charm and subtlety thru the form of occasional disposing some visual adds.

The core of tenderness

One of her “living space approaches” that demonstrates her core tenderness, was her special summer activity of collecting and disposing flowers from the meadows.

I remember the beautiful mornings with my grandmother in my early childhood. I accompanied my grandmother to collect the dew wet alfalfa for the bunnies. When the big basket made up to the top, filled with fresh clover, grandmother opened another errand. A loving gathering of summer meadow flowers.

Figure #1: The forgotten beauties of life … picking summer meadow flowers!

Dreamy ceremony

When my grandmother and I returned home and initially pleased bunnies with clover, grandmother immediately started also her gentle dreamy creative ceremony: arranging a bouquet of summer flowers.

The way she collected, compiled and edited the appearance of thousands of tiny meadow flowers was simply wonderful. There were “millions” of kinds of “weed” flowers, but among them never missing the very special one, the Forget-me-not / Myosotis.


The Forget-me-not / Myosotis (“spominčica” in the Slovenian language) adorned my grandmother’s ears.

Modest, light blue earrings, shaped like a small delicate forget-me-not, were the only luxury of my grandmother.  These earrings in the form of Forget-me-not will always be in my memory as a synonym for it, as a memory of my loving, radiant, open and emotional grandmother and her wonderful creation bouquet of meadow flowers.

Figure #2: The photograph of my very young grandmother and her clearly visible distinctive sign, Forget-me-not earring!



Figure #3: There were thousands of tiny meadow flowers, but among them, never missing, one very special “weed” flower – Forget-me-not.  

Miracle with a glass bowl

She used a simple glass bowl to arrange her collection of “lovely weeds”. And this bowl, put in the middle of table was a miracle worker.

Whole room seamed to lift up. Suddenly life seamed to be amazing and, as by some miracle, life became amazing. Optimism was everywhere, because of this bowl with weed flowers. My grandmother’s flower disposal was love and tenderness showing of in living space. It was showing her feminine genius, her feelings, her real self.

Figure #4: Summer bouquet


Our attention should be focused on important steps for redevelopement and elevation of your women genius and strength (all hidden in our short story). We can expose some important facts from our story.

Fact #1: The energies initiated by intervention in the living space image where very real. All members of the family felt them. And they where certainly a support and great end result for my grandmother’s self-esteem.

Fact #2: With the help of here decorating flower approach my grandmother was happy and able to step time and again above all of her everyday problems!

Fact #3: We should be aware of an important living space condition: modest and calm enough (simple and empty looking) living space. The humble form and looks of grandmother’s living space, made this energy initiated effect of flower bowl possible and so efficient. It would not be (by far not) so efficient in our typically “image overcrowded” home.


By realizing above facts, we are prepared to understand and successfully follow some simple advice. Now let larn about some small steps to raise your women genius, to lift the energies in your dwelling and to make you strong. So you can deal with and conquer more and more problems!

With some small steps, you will quickly get good at that (conquer more and more problems). You will be able to act with needed living space measures against all your old and even avoide approaching new problems. For Good!

Let me teach you this three steps to achieve that. Remember, this are steps with an instant effect that is getting stronger with each and every day used.


Use “Less is more!”

“Less is more”? I am sure you heard of this principle. If not, you will find out a lot about it on my blog posts. Use the principe “Less is more” and “prepare the stage” for problem solving with the help of your living space. Remember, humble and dull living room of my grandmother was an important stage builder for her energy uplifting flower bowl.

You should be aware that “Less is more” is not only a principe for the fight against typically image overcrowded home. “Less is more” is used also as a very strong positive organizational, energy rebalancing and cleaning principle. It is the “stage preparing” principal to invoke and enlarge the powerful energies of your dwelling!

Most noteworthy, “Less is more” is also a very important and immediately efficient princip for lifting your women genius and your problem solving capabilities.

How to act “Less is more”

Start at once! Look around you in your living room and get read of as much as possible visual noise. Find at least five artifacts to get read of, that is, put them out of site! Your aim is to lessen the visual noise and loudness of your living room. Don’t be afraid of getting rid of things. Just lower the visual noise of trying to show all the things at once!

Figure #5: Recognize overcrowding in the living room! Start action in favor of the principle “Less is more” and remove some items to silence vizual noise! Calm down the too colorful image of your living room!


Use “3-4%” rule

Did you know that objects displayed in a galleries or museums represent by rule only 3-4% of exhibits owned. Everything else is carefully stored in the archives, prepared for the next most favorable opportunity to be proudly shown and spotlighted.

This “3-4% Rule” is a great starting point for building your new living space image philosophy. It is the best way to get needed (humble enough) living space stage.

We should put most of small, nice looking objects, souvenirs, well-intentioned presents and even art pieces etc. in some sort of storage.

How to act by “3-4%” Rule

Come up with your strategy to put away and archive most of things intended for decorating. Purchase the containers and find a place for storing the containers.

At this step take at least five artifacts (from Step 1) and archive them in your new archive place!


Figure #6: Good, sound, transparent and readily available archiving enables us that we don’t need to display most of our objects all the time. All objects that occasionally come out of this transparent archive at the exhibition site in the living room will certainly get more attention.

With the establishment of good preservation we can achieve, that now almost unnoticed objects become clearly visible. Exposed only periodically, they get admiration and can trigger and boost our emotional energies, increase our ability to live better and solve problems easier and even better.


Raise the energy derived from awakening sensuality, subtlety, femininity!

You can understand that the best way is to operate (the right word is to “play”) with your different important small art or memory objects, photographs and pictures. Put them on display only occasionally. At the appropriate moment, for a special given occasion (seasonly, on anniversary  in accordance your special mood etc.).

Carefully choose which is the best and the most suitable object at the certain moment to lift up energy. This carefully chosen objects, exposed and put to your attention (and of course the attention of others) will be noticed as never before. It will also evoke your special emotion. Awakening of your emotions will raise your women’s genius and your problem solving capabilities.

How to act to raise the energy 

Choose an object! Any object that suits the best, that is, the object that can (at the moment of choosing) evoke the strongest emotions in you, object that can lift up your mood in the moment of selection.

Than put that object in the center of attention.

Arrange everything around it, to ensure the enjoyment of it. Provide space and light for this object to enable “spreading” its emotional charge. Enable it to radiate its positive inspiring energy adds to your dwelling.


Figure #7: An important position of attention can be, with its central object displayed, the generator of powerful, efficient energy in our home. It is important that this place is available for “circulation”, witch means, it is made available for the individual object only temporary. The object put on temporary display will be so even more noticeable and have even more beneficial effect on you, your problem-solving skills and your general life enjoyment.


That’s it! You engaged in your living space to provide you with needed beneficial force. This approach will enhance your emotions, your women genius and consequently your ability to solve problems you are confronted with.

Following tree simple steps will get you immediate and surprising results. Just put a beautiful object (preferably one ad the time) on specially chosen occasion in the spot of central attention. It will evoke your emotions. Good memories and objects own energies of harmony will mix with your given circumstances and emit signals to start boosting your own energy. This will lift your women genius. And from there your best problem solving capabilities.

The problem will be conquered. Anyhow it had never a chance against your women genius and its positive problem breaking force.

In living space of my grandmother was not much to shaw. No wealth, let alone luxury. But all necessary was their thou, organized and arranged in a modest and reticent way. And in the way that supported my grandmothers openness, her abilities to bring up her women’s genius of feminine energy, the energy of subtile emotions filled with love for all of us.

You put your emotions, feelings and love to your living space and you get back gratefully from it. You get support and power to bring up the best in you. And you get stronger and stronger! … and the problems have now chance.

The dialog with your living space seams simple. It is simple in deed if you know how to do it. But don’t underestimate the power of it. Do todays suggested steps and conquer your problems in a very elegant, powerful and fun way. Enjoy the process and the results!

See you next time for simple advices for evoking the beneficial powers of your living space!

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 Izidor HABJANIČ Dori


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