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Profit home decor ideas

from knowing about not knowing

London Subway gives us a lesson on better home decor ideas

Izidor Habjanič Dori

landscape architect, interior designer, living space energy researcher, and publicist



As you know, “The power of living space” blog posts deliver instructions about the myriad of possible DIY home decor ideas and actions in favour of designing your home/working space or garden as an inexhaustible source of energy. Why? To boost our living space’s full potential, to flourish its possible beneficial influence on us!

Now, how can something like the subway, with all its mess and stress, give away a lesson for us, to design even better, more peaceful and energy restoring living space?

Well, It can, with its indirect but in our case, useful repetitive call “Mind the gap.”

The lesson London subway is giving to us for building our better home is by repetition of its known “call” that anybody ever been there, would recognize immediately! It is the regularly repeated London subway urgent call: “Mind the Gap” – click for atmosphere. (Photograph via Unsplash)

David Eagleman uses this known illustrative subway call “Mind the gap” in his bestseller book “Incognito” as a reminder of a significant fact about us. A fact about the functioning of our brains, with considerable gap “implanted” in them.

The process of co-creating the world around us is staying mostly behind the curtains of our comprehension, because of this brain gap.

David Eagleman with his bestselling book Incognito (“Prikrito” in the Slovene language): “There is a specific brain gap built in all of us. What we perceive in the outside world is generated by parts of the brain to which we do not have access…”.

Now we will (1) get to know the essential characteristic of this gap and (2) how to bypass it and to use it to improve our conscious decision-making process while designing our better home/working spaces/garden with certain home decor ideas. I will offer a way for us to include and to profit from “Mind the gap” when we design our living space, that is by considering the gap in our brain’s functioning!

(1) There is a looming chasm between what your brain knows and what your mind is capable of accessing. Now we know for sure that we admire and record far more about the great miracles of the world around us then we are capable of comprehending.

What we perceive in the outside world is also generated by parts of the brain to which we do not have access. Because of a gap, we don’t know all that we can, and we are experiencing. That is, we experience far more than we know!

Remember that well, when following advice on energy-boosting activities in your living space!

“Now we know for certain, thanks to neuroscience:  …we admire and record far more about the great miracles of the world around us then we are capable of comprehending…”

(2) Let me explain how we should use this recent neuroscience disclosure for your designing of better home/working space.


We should change our suspicious position toward energy boosting design.

Giving more trust in advice on energy-boosting design suggestions and home decor ideas is necessary! Although not always comprehensible, energy boosting suggestions on design activities are proven! They rest upon many facts, experiences and timely approved sources (from ancient to modern-day science).
Neuroscience is giving us a reason to trust in sometimes “strange” energy boosting design suggestions. Even if, because of the brain gap, we are not able to comprehend the potential effects of all the recommended home decor ideas and actions, we are able (very much so) to experience the beneficial effects of health and wealth that arise out of this recommended, design actions and interventions. So don’t refuse it if it seems impossible that they have such an effect on you!

We must change our suspicious position toward energy boosting design suggestions! Dare to subordinate to ancient (f.e. Feng shui) up to the modern-day science (f.e. neuroscience, biophilia), on choosing color, positioning, shape, bringing more “natural” elements, etc. 

You know, I already gave away many not always comprehendible energy boosting design suggestions in the past years (see old blog posts) and will continue to give new ones. Many seem unreasonable and can not be reasonably understood. However, in the end, after implementation of them, we did perceive great results and recorded their positive influence! More that we could consciously presume when starting the execution of some home decor ideas!

When I am talking and giving advice on decluttering (left side photo) or neutralization of the edges (image below), the tiny little thing we are experiencing without being aware of (see the previous blog), please take care and follow. Follow all the incomprehensible advice with commitment and with seriousness!

So, please do change your suspicious attitude. Soften your position toward my not always comprehendible boosting design suggestions. Trust the given ancient and modern up to date science-based advice you will get on my blog posts.  And act upon them completely trustworthy! Even neuroscience is now explaining why you should do so!

And now there is something else we can learn from neuroscience!  Neuroscience proves a second crucial fact about activities for boosting the powers of living space:


We co-create our own experience of the world around us…

… and then, if favorable, react to it with our health and wealth.

“The reality is far more subjective than it is commonly supposed. Instead of reality being passively recorded by our brain, it is actively constructed by it. We co-create our experience!”

If we know more about that co-creation, we can prepare a better living space. A more pleasant experience for us in favor of our health and wealth.
The great news is that we can control this process with pre-prepared optimal living space for the sound co-creational experience!
Working on the powers of living space is in fact searching and finally answering the question: how to design our living area, that our brain will co-create the most satisfying picture of it.
Beware! It is not just the pleasing image that we build for us. What neuroscience is encouraging us to do, because of our brain co-creation of experiences, is to create the right image for us (not only the pleasing one). The perfect look of our living space is much more than just a delightful design for us, or for people around us. It is the image that is entirely adequate for us, tailored to us our family. And this design, which suits us, will, in the end, maximally boost our experience of the world around us, and consequently, trigger our wellbeing.
And that is what I will show you how to achieve. Step by step.
Please follow thru this somehow doll theoretical explanation very carefully, because it is crucial to understand them. It will be of great importance in provided practical solutions for you to act.


Here we go! We react to our surrounding. The sense of surrounding, the experiences of that surrounding is co-created by us, enormously. This co-creation depends on our current physical, physical condition. It is a result of our biological and social predispositions. It is a result of past life experiences and circumstances, present economic situation, etc.. To put it just, the experience of our surrounding is a result of who we are. The surrounding is what it is, but we experience it following the “who we are.”

Yes, the present experience is the result we get from our senses. But experience the senses are giving to us is simultaneously the result of our current feelings. Vicious circle!

How can you interfere and dictate the optimum, health-boosting character of your living space in the presence of this vicious circle?

Well, we can arrange home decor and design our living area in such a way, that it is ideally suited for us! How? By the creation of our tailor-made experience of it. And in this, we succeed if we incorporate in our co-creating vicious circle the evermore present sense of ours for “what is HOME for me”!


When we design the perfectly tailored living space for us, we usually are naming it: HOME. Home can never be created for you from the outside, let say just from the hand of an architect. The place being prepared or renewed depends on you, to guide the design and home decor ideas in the proper “home direction.”

But even you must do a lot of self-exploring to define the ideal living space, which will feel like home for you and your family (the tusk for many blog posts yet to come). Yes, we have a lot to do together to come to a satisfying result. But I ensure you, this trip will be fun to do and will end up with fantastic results.

HOME can never be designed for you from the outside, let say just from the hand of an architect. It depends on you to guide the design in the proper “home direction”. What is HOME for You? (Photograph via Unsplash)

Try to define which design elements and home decor enclosing your living space (if any) are sending a clear message or info, THIS IS WHERE MY HOME IS!

This time we will grab ourselves the knowledge of designing our living space, the way that we can call it HOME. Home has, what is needed, if it has an image, perfect for us to co-create our best interpretation of our surrounding.

HOME is something that we are searching for all our lives (mostly subconsciously). It is a special arrangement, specially designed living space, that is ideal for us. It means the living space is tailored for us, as our best fitting suit. Consequently, we will interpret such created surrounding as ideal. And most importantly, feel great in it. Your living space will power you with energies! This power will come not only by objectively harmonious living space arrangements but also by your brain co-creation of what you see as HOME!

Once more, you must understand this and except that: your optimal living space can never be designed solely by the architect. Yes, he/she is indispensable for ensuring the implementation of needed constructional, functional and organizational know-how of building our living space. He/she can also and most certainly help and directs the design with his knowledge of providing the harmonious and eye-pleasing living space and space functioning. But the final world about how to design an decor the optimal living space for you and your familiy can come only from you.

Presumably, you came far enough to know more or less what is, that you interpret and wish for as HOME. If you are clear about that, you are close to doing all the necessary steps to design an arrangement that will succeed in bringing you toward the feeling of certainty; this place is my HOME.

So, how can we design the place to match our personal, fingerprint characteristics of HOME for our family and us? Home decor ideas on the site will be interpreted by our brain as optimal, as a spot with the ideal surroundings for us?

Today I am presenting to you the needed knowledge for self-exploration. The required self-exploration to find out what in when some place feels like home to you.

Let me at the beginning introduce you with an essential fact about our perception of a place we call HOME; there is a scientifically proven fact that we never stop aiming to get some living place in our life that looks like our HOME, as we know by now, mostly unconsciously. To put this search more in the light of consciousness, we should first do the needed self-exploring to figure out what and why we mark some given living space as HOME.

Ms. Clare Cooper Marcus, the landscape architect, explores the deeper meaning of Home in her beautiful and inciteful book “House as a mirror of self,” which I much recommend.

Ms. Toby Israel developed an excellent system of finding out what is home, for every one of us. In her book, you can find the guided order of questions, exercises, and small family explorations to follow and execute the quest on finding the personal meaning of word Home for every one of us. The result will be: you will know when and why some places will always attract you and how you can execute small and efficient design tasks of making your site a HOME, for you and your family. But this time consciously!

Two ladies with their books, cornerstones in preparing the save way to find out what is HOME for each and every one of us. Ms. Clare Cooper Marcus (below), landscape architect with her book: HOME, Exploring the Deeper Meaning of Home and Ms. Toby Israel (far below) with her practice-oriented book: Some Place like Home, Using Design Psychology to Create Ideal Places 

Action-oriented bits of advice:


In the rest of this blog post, we will do that together: follow Toby’s guided system of questions, exercises, and small family explorations to find your necessary personal ingredients for the living space you can call home. So let us begin the travel. The aim is self-exploration for finding out what and when someplace will become and stay you dear HOME.

Let’s find out together how your brain constructs the necessary ingredients, which are the necessary home decor ideas for someplace to be called HOME.

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There is a big help coming from neuroscience for all of us following the aim of designing a perfect living space that provides positive energy for our health and wealth.
We explained two neuroscience viewpoints that support our activities of adding little but right home decor ideas and  contributions for boosting living space powers that make us feel better.
First, we learned that understanding the way we can approach living space powers and raise them for us is far more comfortable if we build trust to needed design actions, which are sometimes difficult to understand. That confidence will be fully rewarded with good results that we can comprehend. We will grasp it entirely with many competent parts of our brain that our conscience can’t understand.
Secondly, we learned that we co-create our experience about the world around us and that we are, our whole life (mostly in sub-conscience), aiming to create a positive living experience we can call HOME. We experience someplace as our HOME. If we experience a living apartment, a house, a garden, and even a place where we work as HOME, these areas will be significantly more benevolent to us. We experience such HOME-world around us as a better place. And with the hidden processes in our brain, we immediately start to interpret our life as better, and slowly, after some time, even as great, happy and prosperous. And this has, of course, immediate influence on our health and wealth. We also learned to self-explore to get the needed answers on why and how to approach the design of living space that feels like HOME.
In the end, I add just one crucial fact in favor of our “DIY powerfull living space mission”: neuroscience confirms that feeling better ends with being better.

Just “Mind the gap” to enjoy the process even more!

See you next time for simple bits of advice for evoking the beneficial powers of your living space!

Izidor HABJANIČ Dori



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