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This blog post is about the problem of ever-present sharp edges and corners in our homes. It should be read:

  • if you are curious to learn facts about the great energy potential of living/working space and possibilities on how to trigger it with decor idea for happy home
  • if you are interested in learning easy to follow practical tips/secrets on how to make some small changes in your living/work space for evoking beneficial energies (from the ancient, time-proven knowledge all the way to the latest discoveries)
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Home/Office Energy BOOST & LIVING STYLE

One decor tendency you must avoid in order to gain a 100% happy home.    

You need to remove sharp edges and corners in order to gain a 100% happy home.

Izidor Habjanič Dori

landscape architect, interior designer, living space energy researcher, and publicist

September 2017

“Sharp edges and corners are like viruses; you can catch them, whenever buying, building, refurbishing or equipping your home or office…!”
Sharp edges and corners are like viruses who attacks you happy home; You can get infected with them, whenever buying, building, refurbishing or equipping your home or office. With them, you can’t fully feel good in home/office, and you can’t completely rest and develop your ever more complete life.

Yes, you can easily protect yourself from them, but only if you are initially well aware that sharp edges and corners are like a disease that hinders us in our home.


The picture below shows a modern kitchen design based on clean lines, and as usual, it means, it is a design against happy home with full of sharp edges and corners.
For the picture above Tara Mastroeni says (in the article “It’s Time to Talk About the Hottest 2017 Kitchen Trends!“): “Black and white kitchens are both modern and timeless!” … but timeless is also our fight with architects and designers against straight lines and sharp edge! It seems like an eternal job to persuade them, that we don’t need and don’t want sharp edges and corners because they are potentially harmful and are even provoking our misfortune! 
The designs of straight lines, edges and corners are modern for approx. 100 years and they are offered as a standard of facilities and equipment again and again and again.

In this blog post, I offer three, (1) common sense, (2) old wisdom/knowledge and (3) new science reasons for your wise Enrollment in “the league of prudent, wise rebels” against sharp edges and corners.

You should know that sharp edges and corners (1) are against our core nature, (2) they provoke, according to Feng shui, negative energetic influence “Shar Chi,” and (3) they are potentially dangerous (… not only as we typically think, for potential bruises!).  Let’s Give this tree reasons some attention!

“…sharp edges and corners are (1) against our core nature,…”
Our primary human desire is having contact with nature.

When our artificial world, cityscape, architecture, and landscape architecture provide the satisfaction of this need, we feel good. 

(1) Sharp edges and corners are against Biophilia 
Biophilia is an expression that describes our primary human desire for contact with nature. The biophilic design takes into account this principle desire of ours and thus creates a living environment that ensures well-being.

Simple illustration in favor of biophilic design: there is no straight-line shape bone, organ or tissue in the human body, not a single right angle link, so … 

… aim for soft, natural connections, with as less as possible straight lines and corners! Soft, natural links are always attractive and as such the necessary building part of the exuberant biophilic living space.

Now start and check your home biophilic effectiveness! Include some Biophilic design principles in your home. These principles are easily done and have the quick and fulfilling result.

Start immediately, and lift biophilic efficiency of your home with discarding sharps corners and edges or neutralize them in the process Most important, aim for soft connections, without straight lines, and corners. Smooth lines and absence of any sharp edges are always the necessary biophilic components of the abundant living space. The formations of straight lines,  sharp edges, and corners in your home/office are undeniably counterproductive. Sharp edges and corners are against Biophilia. 

…sharp edges and corners … (2) provoke negative energetic influence Shar Chi…”
Feng Shui uninterruptedly warns against sharp edges and resilient corners that produce harmful Shar Chi energy
(2) The Shar Chi
Sharp edges and corners provoke, according to Feng shui, negative energetic influence Shar Chi. Shar Chi is translated as killing, attacking energy.

From every sharp edge and corner (seen in plentitude on the picture above), harmful Shar Chi energy is attacking everybody approaching this house, everybody pointed by its edges and corners.

Shar Chi, or sharp feng shui energy, can be, of course, also created inside the building. When a sharp angle, called poison arrow, is pointing at you, there is a constant emission of attacking energy directed at your body. This type of energy drains you and causes you to become ill.

This path to the main entrance is a sad, dull experience, but before all, with Shar Chi attacking energy, a dangerous one!
Two illustrations (sharp corners on right side picture, and on the picture below, sharp corners, even nails/arrows in the bedroom) are showing attacking Shar Chi problem where we are looking forward to a quiet rest.

Now start and check your home! You should find all the possibles Shar Chi generators. Find them and neutralize them as recommended at the end of this blog post. It is effortless and quickly done. But don’t forget to do it! Sharp edges and corners are Shar Chi generators.

…sharp edges and corners … (3) are potentially dangerous for your health (not only as we typically think, for potential bruises!)…”

(3) The Neurologist warning

Commonly, we underestimate the impact of every potential bruise we fear (mostly subconsciously) when we see sharp edges and corners on our ways, even if we are familiar with given living space that has them!

Neurologists explain that we always experience nanoseconds of fear to get hurt if sharp edges and corners are close on our standard route! This life long micro fear experiences can have much worse consequences for us, as we think. On a Long-term, it affects our health! We must understand this info as a real medical warning against sharp corners and edges, worthy of reflection.

This last presented fact was the third exposed reason why you should avoid sharp edges and corners in your living space. Sharp edges and corners are a potential danger to our health.

Let me conclude!  

Don’t take sharp edges and corners for granted!

Fight against edges and corners is easy! Do  the simple activities I propose to combat the negative effects of sharp edges and corners!

  • Avoid buying home furniture and equipment with sharp edges and corners
  • mitigate or neutralize the effects of sharp edges and corners by using handy accessories on the furniture
  • deploy “shields” that you put in-between the place where you are staying longer and the corner/edge (the job you can do best by using plants)  

I hope that I have managed to convince you to intervene in your “sharp” home/office or in the garden to lift the energy of your living space in favour of a happy home. It will be fun and beneficial, for sure.

Izidor Habjanič Dori



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