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Now, this is the aquarium, that will boost your serenity

There is no equivalent stress-reducing and health-lifting decorative item like the aquarium!

Start to play with the idea to put an aquarium in your living space

Now is the moment for you to reconsider owning an Aquarium. The aquarium is the most potent serenity providing item you can have in your dwelling. It builds and lifts your health! It nurtures you and your life, immediately after obtaining it! You have to have it!

I know, I know! Many have strong prejudices against having this wet, moisture box in their home or even office.

You will never regret obtaining an aquarium! With it, you will constantly reduce stress, raise your vitality and health! 

Maybe you don’t have any particular attitude toward aquarium and it never crossed your mind to own one. Perhaps, on the other hand, you strongly reject the idea to own one, because you think everything about and around it, is too messy, too much work, too complicated? I ensure you it is not. Not at all!

Nurturing an Aquarium this days is not complicated and messy (get the needed proves on the net, local store etc.). It is really much easier as it was in the past.

Above: It is really much easier than it was… (by Aquarium architecture)

Sure, You know that it is beautiful, but did you know how powerful is it?

The Aquarium is not only a beauty “machine”. It is a powerful health providing “machine”, but also (you are hardly expecting this) an effective success machine, because of bringing serenity into your life!

Let me underline the importance of serenity for your success with a following short Chinese story.

The Fighting Rooster

There once was a man who wanted his fighting rooster to be more ferocious. He took the rooster to a trainer. In a few weeks’ time, he returned and saw that his rooster didn’t squawk as loudly.

“Not ready yet,” said the trainer. Two weeks later he saw that his rooster barely raised his neck feathers and wings.

“Not ready yet,” said the trainer. Another week passed. His rooster looked as tame and docile as a chick.

“You’ve ruined my fine fighting bird!” screamed the man at the trainer.

“Not at all,” the trainer replied, “See how calm and secure he is, how serenely strong he stands today. The other fighting birds take one look at him, and they all run away!”

(A Taoist Tale

Replica to the story

This story supports our argument: you can boost your success with anti-stress and serenity provided by the Aquarium.

We westerners certainly don’t connect serenity and calm with the success. Success can come only with stress and fight we think. But science (and our story) proves us wrong because Serenity & calm = more success. Think about it!

If you can boost your serenity you can win more daily fights. Manage challenges and survival fights by staying serene! Great success will follow!

You should get yourself an Aquarium

Feng Shui glorifies the Aquarium as a symbol of wealth and luck. (You see, once more, Serenity & calm = more success?) 

See a short list of scientifically proven benefits: (Summarized after EntirelyPets Blog):

The Aquarium Reduces stress

  • Fish tanks deliver a feel of nature (biophilic design) and calm into living space. They drastically reduce your stress levels. Particularly in high-stress environments, like in the office, fish tanks will lower your stress levels. Even taking care of your Aquarium is an excellent way to reduce stress.

Photo by Kowlon Abode on Aquarium architecture

The Aquarium Improves Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

  • The underwater setting has proven that a person can slow their heart rate down and lower their blood pressure by staring at fish swimming around an aquarium. Staring into an empty tank with only seaweed and rocks can decrease heart rates by 3% and more than 7% when fish are present in the tank. Aquariums can also be beneficial to heart attack victims keeping their hearts healthy.

The Aquarium Improves Quality of Sleep 

  • An aquarium can also help you sleep better. Fish tanks are great for removing negative thoughts, allowing you to fall asleep easier every night.

Photo by sanjiv nayak on Unsplash

The Aquarium Decreases Anxiety and Pain 

  • Have you ever noticed how many doctors, dentists, and therapists have a fish tank in their waiting room? It is proven that an aquarium can help patients overcome pain. Exposed to a fish tank in the waiting room you’ll experience less pain during treatment as well as require less pain medication after it.
  • A fish aquarium is an excellent natural anti-anxiety treatment for those who suffer from anxiety disorder.

The Aquarium has Therapeutic value for Hyperactive Children

  • The condition of children suffering from hyperactivity disorders improves if they are allowed to watch fish swim around a fish tank: better concentration and improved sleep, better performance in school.

The Aquarium is good for Alzheimer’s Therapy

  • Studies with Alzheimer’s patients have shown that displaying fish tanks with brightly colored fish have helped improve these patients by their eating habits and disruptive behavior. They become more relaxed and exhibit less aggressiveness, yelling, wandering and pacing. This Alzheimer’s patients also had better short-term memory and required fewer medications.

Photo by Huy Phan on Unsplash

The Aquarium Improves productivity

  • An aquarium helps you focus better. An aquarium improves the creativity and productivity, hence your overall success! There is no item, no object in your living space that can match its active stress suppression.

Photo by Fernando Maté on Unsplash

Still not convinced?

There is a way to “cheat”: watch videos of fish swimming underwater! You also get some calming aquarium effects.

My strong advice still:

Go and obtain a real Aquarium, the powerful, beautiful and exalting thing!

The Takeaway

Hopefully, I showed you enough inspiring guidance so you can start to play with the idea to own an Aquarium for a much better life.

Only for Club Members, I prepared a handy Guidebook: 

The easiest way to Boost your Serenity.

Interested? Grab your copy!

Thank you for your time and attention!

I’ve created an entertaining coaching system. It enables you to DIY lift your home/working place/garden in an excellent energy state. The powers of your living space will be boosted. Your life will change very quickly. You can start your dwelling energy lifting with regular reading of our Newsletter!  A gift is waiting for you!

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See you next time for simple bits of advice on evoking the beneficial powers of your living space!

Izidor HABJANIČ Dori

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