f If You Can Boil Water You Can Make This Important Step Toward Living Space Quality | The power of living space


Take a step toward exceptional living space

1. Approach your outdoor or indoor table.

2. Make a 360 degree check from this spot to determine your most beautiful view.

This can be big nature screen (as seen on the Photo above, source: http://freshome.com/provocative-modern-earth-home-in-the-heart-of-sardinias-emerald-coast/) or something smaller, eg. attractive garden or interior arrangement.

3. Point with the shorter side of your central table (outdoor or indoor)  toward the direction of selected fascinating view.

After pointing central table toward selected attractive direction, most people sitting at the table (see photo above),  will be best oriented and able to equally enjoy  the selected view/point of interest.

Mistakes are common, found everywhere!

See the photo below, where table is incorrectly oriented!


People sitting at the window will not be able to enjoy the view. Even people sitting on the opposite side, who will enjoy the view, will disturbingly see mostly the silhouette of the people siting on the opposite side…

So do allways point the shorter side of your central table toward the direction of fascinating view!

Following this simple rule will significantly raise the quality of life in your living space!

Izidor Habjanič





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