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How to stop self-doubt with Repetition?

Liberate yourself from self-doubt and insecurity

Photo by Stefano Zocca on Unsplash

Honour your potential

Self-doubt prevents you from living an enriching life. It makes you shy away from praising your potential. Stop that to be the case! Keep reading, I will show you how to honour your potential!

I am coming up with a useful solution. As always it will be easy for you to implement this solution: You will conveniently boost the power of your living space to help you beat your self-doubt.

Listen, this is an easy D.I.Y. way to achieve this goal. But do start to act, because self-doubt is something you must take seriously if you want to change your life an flourish your potentials.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” 

― Suzy Kassem

Why self-doubt won’t let you alone?

Before we start, you should understand why self-doubt won’t let you alone.

As explained by the Tony Fahkry: “You cannot remove self-doubt any more than trying to eliminate negative thoughts.

Doubts are woven into our psyche during childhood as we learn to integrate into our surroundings. What starts out as the voice of reason echoed through loved ones, soon becomes the doubtful inner critic.

Tony Fahkry also illustrates the above: “By the time you reach adulthood, you will have heard the word ‘NO’ repeated 50,000 times. In contrast, the word ‘YES’ is heard 7,000 times.”

It’s no wonder doubt weaves its way into our minds with such intensity.

Have proper beliefs!

Your success towards your higher calling and destiny rests upon a way of having proper beliefs.

Proper beliefs trigger a positive sequence. They let you manage your decisions, thoughts, and actions in a better way.

Tomorrow, when today’s proper beliefs become a yesterday’s investment, they will results in what you see, live, and feel. You will postpone good beliefs even with this better experience and manage your new decisions, thoughts, and actions. And so forth and so on and on… Your destiny will start to roll in the direction of your higher destiny and call.

Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash

The way to proper beliefs

Affirmative experience is a “Buttler” helping you toward your better beliefs, which means, the affirmative experience is paving the road toward your self-confidence.

Now, one strong compelling affirmative experience is the looks of your living space. And the design with the use of repetition is a great way to lift the image of your living space, to become a strongly affirmative experience!

As already said, the affirmative experience is a faithful “Buttler” of your proper beliefs. So, here is the logical sequence: the design with the use of repetition is a great way to stay in the fame of proper beliefs. And that will melt and stop your self-doubt.

See some good examples below, pictures (source: Blue ocean design) of lifted living space appearance achieved thru design with the use of repetition.
There are many different ways to use repetition in the design of your living space: (#1) repetition in the use of colour, (#2) repetition in the use of texture, (#3) repetition in the use of material, (#4) repetition in the use of form, or just (#5) repetition in multiplying the same items, where the one very known way is the use of symmetry.

(#1) Repetition in the use of colour

Notice the exposed repetitive use of light blue colour. Can you find the repetitive use of two other colours? (Sure you can: black and beige)

(#2) Repetition in the use of texture

Notice the exposed repetitive use of straw-knit texture.


(#3) Repetition in the use of material

Notice the exposed repetitive use of the material inox (metal).


(#4) Repetition in the use of form

Notice the exposed repetitive use of rounded circle shapes.


(#5) Repetition in multiplying the same items, use of symmetry

Notice the exposed repetitive use of items to get Symmety. They are identical in colour, texture, material or just in their shape (phtos).




Now, let us conclude with a simple to follow advice on how to execute D.I.Y. design with the use of repetition. 

The easy 3 step living space image lifting for overcoming self-doubt

STEP #1: Choose a room in your living space

Choose a room in your living space.  Take some photos of it (with a mobile phone is good enough).  For example, we will use the picture of a living room (below).




STEP #2: Analyse the image and define properties of the elements that build the picture of your room

For example, the owner of the living room (above) prefers a place that is full of life, with many shapes, materials, textures and a lot of colours.
We should appreciate the optimistic colourful style, but still, want to intervene to gain more harmony and sophistication. We should do it by putting away some patterns (on the shelf drawers) and mostly put into play the repetition of two colours.

STEP #3: Start the designing corrections by implementing repetition

For the purpose of our example, we choose colours yellow and brown to be repeated. And with abandoning some patterns (on the shelf drawers) we and up with a lively and colourful living room. But this time with more harmony and sophistication. See below!


Just to be sure we understand each other, below is yet another example of a less favourable, excessively colourfull garden design (picture below), lifted by design of using fewer colours in repetition (less is more) picture far below).

Photo by Pixabay

A few more examples (pictures below) of the designs using repetition, to convince you with the excellent look achieved that way.

Imagine the good feeling of living in a place designed in such a way.

Don’t worry if all the examples don’t match your taste, … some of them for sure do, don’t they?

Photo by Pinterest

Photo by Pinterest


We saw some examples of excellent design. What do you think? Now, you have some know how to elevate the looks of your own living space. Do you think that a new, better-looking home, office or garden could have some impact on your self-pride?
Would you agree that satisfaction with yourself is by far more easy to achieve if you live in a beautiful place? Yes, I thought so! We can agree on that!
Remember, self-doubt melts away when living in a great place!
Your living space has powers to offer. Evoke, boost and employ them to overcome self-doubt. The key to do that is to use the design with repetition.
Do the 3 steps suggested! It is really fun! With immediate promising results!
Izidor Habjanič Dori


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