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Dos and Don’ts for your health: DIY workspace ideas 

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Izidor Habjanič Dori

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DIY workspace design tips for your health

There are many ways to make your workspace your secret health ingredient. Many of them thru DIY design interventions.

In this blog from the series “The power of living space in service of health” you’ll find three tips for efficient DIY health boosting redesign of your working place: (1) Make your working area your secure space, (2) Organize and polish your workspace for focus and (3) Level down the Yang energy of your workspace;

. . .

(1) Make your workspace your secure space

Correct chair position behind the work desk and orientation of both is of great importance to your working success. You should fill utterly safe while working. Check out your “working chair situation” in simple steps listed below:

  1. Put your chair behind your work desk in the proper Feng shui position! Check below and relocate your working chair if needed!

The sitting quality behind your working desk depends upon the position of doorway, and the direction of your face while sitting

2. Orient your working chair in a proper Feng shui direction in a two-step process:

  • Find your Feng shui energy number by your gender to define the directions that are good for you (see the instructions and use the tables from a blog post Your Home as your Fortress of Health)
  • Orient your working chair/desk with your sitting face side in one of four affirmative orientations (see the instructions and use the tables from a blog post Your Home as your Fortress of Health).

3. Make your working chair a secure sitting space! Ensure safe/protected high back for your sitting chair or even better, prevent any traffic at your beck.

Look at three pictures below! They seem attractive, beautiful, clean, optimistic and healthy working places. But learn that they are not! They are inappropriate because they are insecure. Their working chairs have an “anxious” sitting orientation. With unprotected back and all the traffic possible behind the working person at the desk, they are a threat to the user (mostly subconsciously but still real), so insecure and not healthy.

Not healthy positioned and wrongly oriented sitting places! You will fill insecure in this designs. There is no control over the room behind yours, no overview of potential traffic or action going on behind your back!

Get control ower happening in front of you and fill save about no traffic at your beck is less stressful. It is simply healthy for you when you fill as being in control and safe!

Get control ower happening in front of you! You will fill save about no traffic at your beck; it is less stressful! It is healthy for you when you fill as being in control and safe!

Beware! According to my personal consulting experience and examples, you can see and check yourself daily on the internet, over 95% design solution and propositions make this orientational/positional mistake! They expose your back to the room and waste this obviously secret possible health ingredient for your good working space experience: proper location and sitting orientation of you working chair!

Use this secret knowledge health ingredient and change your design accordingly!

. . .

(2) Organize and polish your workspace for focus


Disorganization stresses you out. Visual clutter is unhealthy and stressful while making it difficult to find stuff you need! It is your a must do daily activity that you put down the mess in your office and get your workspace well organized, transparent and restrained (Photo by Unsplash)

Find a “home” for all your work-related tools and material

Make a list of gadgets that you regularly use at your work.

  • List everyday gadgets like pencils and pens, scissors, stapler, hole punch, etc., and of course all the tools related mainly to your kind of work.
  • Define their “home,” the permanent place where you store them.

You should never be in doubt where to put something after use and later also where to find it. Take time to get your workspace organized.

By defining “home” for all your work-related gadgets and material, you are consequently lifting your health. Why? It is an essential way of add peace to your work process. Even the youngest readers will already have the experience of the colossal amount of unnecessary stress, related to “not finding things.”

Be the highest authority on organizing “home” for your working gadgets, unique to your work. But to assemble and organize some in every workspace standard materials, like papers and documents that regularly circulate through your desk and comp space, you should get yourself some professional advice (I follow the system Taming the Paper Tiger of Barbara Hemphill)!

Polish your workspace – make it a daily habit of workday start

Develop a regular practice of starting your workday by rubbing your right working environment. It is a two-step process:

  • Polish your working environment. Inspect and clean it. Get read of all the garbage, put the gadgets and paper to their home location and clean, swipe the desk, comp screen and everything else that not constitute your empty desk equipment.
  • Continue your daily polishing routine by taking a few moments (5–15 minutes) and clean the even more private and intimate part of your working space, your working Mind. Yes, your Mind is also a part your working space, and you will hopefully agree, not the least important one! So, polish your working mind too, before you start working, that is. I suggest that you define your first 2–4 working hours.
  • Focus on what you should do and how you should do your early 2–4 working hours. Define also why you should do it and what will and should be the happy feeling after this 2–4 working hours.Always write dawn this working mind polishing thoughts. It is obligatory for the best results! Describe your goals, the expected results and beautiful feelings after succeeding on them shortly. Do this on paper or in your digital space (I use and recommend Simpleology).

You will be much more motivated on the starting point of your work and much more successful with your work when you start out of your clutterless working place and determent Mind. You will be more relaxed and more focused, and yes, less stressful. The better work results will be your even greater reward.

Less strain supports your health, but so or even more does better work results and your justly grown self-esteem.

. . .


(3) Level down the yang type energy of your workspace



This workspace should be improved with secret health ingredient: small targeted interventions for down leveling to much yang type energy! (Photo by Yellowtrace)

. . .

It is necessary and healthy to put down the yang energy level of your workspace. Why? The yang energy is the energy of action!
Your working area is already stressful because of the pressures of your work. Apparently, it is not smart to add action energy and causing additional stress with workspace design of yang type. So you should lower any “loud” design type and stress atmosphere that goes with it. You can do so by reducing the yang energy type elements of design or even introducing some calm, Yin type elements of design to it.

According to Feng shui, yang energy comes with a design that has:

  • a shiny and reflective material,
  • saturated, lively and robust colors,
  • edgy saggy, spikey and sharpened forms,
  • sharp contrast patterns;

Comming to an end of this blog post, let me teach you in a “picturesque finale” with easy to follow picture examples how you can add last of three this time proposed secret health ingredients: leveling down the Yang type energy of your workspace by reducing yang type energy elements.

The DIY suggested design interventions listed below will do the trick and get you the desired health boosting results for your workspace.

. . .

Avoid or lover the presence of shiny, reflective material! Before/After (on the right side) pictures for lowering the yang level of workspace design with reduction of shiny and bright material

Before/After lowering yang type energy with less shiny wall

Before/After lowering yang type energy with less shiny flour

Before/After lowering yang type energy with less shiny furniture

Avoid or lover the presence of intense, live colors! Before/After pictures for lowering the yang level of workspace design with reduction of strong colors presence.

Before/After lowering yang type energy with less colorful decoration

Avoid edgy, saggy and sharpened shapes and patterns! Pictures of the yang type stress evoking forms to avoid.

Edgy, saggy and sharpened forms: the unnecessary surplus of yang energy, stress evoking materials and design of office desk legs and surface.

Avoid or lover the presence of intensive patterns and strong contrasty textures! Before/After pictures for lowering the yang level of workspace design with reduction of contrasty textures.

Before/After lowering yang type energy with changed carpet and cushions (less aggressive pattern)

. . .

Congratulations, you arrived at the end

Now you are familiar with three secret health design ingredients for your workplace. Use this knowledge and make it a part of your health ensuring workspace redesign!

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In the coming blog post, I will address the possibilities to lift health providing arrangements with some unique decor elements of your living space.

See you next time for simple bits of advice for evoking the beneficial powers of your living space!

Izidor HABJANIČ Dori



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