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DIY decor tips for a colossal delight?

Advise on a health-boosting layout of precious decor

 5/2018, Reading time> approx. 10 min 

Izidor Habjanič Dori

landscape architect, interior designer, living space energy researcher, and publicist

When returning home from hard work and activities, do you ever feel like coming back should provide more joy?

If yes, I have DIY decor tips for you: expose your precious decor in a way that brings you a colossal delight!

In today’s post, I will teach you how to add to the joy of coming home immensely with proper placement of your most adored decor.

The decor is, by definition, something added to the whole to make it more attractive.

Using artefacts, sculptures, pictures, photographs, toys, souvenirs, etc. and place them appropriately should make your home a joyful place to return.

Let me tell you an instructional story about the beloved object and its potential decor role. The story takes place in South Korea, PyeongChang in the time of the Olympic games 2018.

. . .

Meet Sophie and her beloved doll Anna 

PyeongChang 2018, XXIII Olympic Winter Games, the night before skeleton competition.

Sophie, a number one favourite for tomorrow’s race in the Sliding Centre is sitting quietly in her Olympic village room, trembling. She is embracing a small old wooden doll named Anna.

It is common for sports top performers to lie on some adored artefact, a talisman or mascot while trembling before the competition. But the small cute wooden Anna means far more to Sophie than just a few hours comfort, before the performance. Anna is the companion of her life.

Sophie is now living the life of success, being a mother of two, surrounded by many friends and a warm family. But it was not always so! In early childhood, she became an orphan, abandoned and scared most of the time. Anna was her adored object then, with Anna she could share her sad fate. And Anna is there for Sophie in this tense moments before the essential Olympic performance.

. . .

Meet Anna! (Photo by Unsplash)

Sophie, the Olympic competitor, has a sudden thought flew! Anna is helping again, as so many times in her crisis and tremor. But has this adorned doll still an appropriate role in Sophie’s new life at home? Is Anna still a contributor to her happy everyday normal life? No, not much, not enough!

Anna, of course, has a place in her comfortable home and her family knows its story and importance. So this doll is always lying somewhere close to them. But here is the problem! Anna is a decor object, lying to close to them, to close to be noticed and appreciated! Wherever centrally put, they are inconspicuously moving it around, most of the time as an unnoticed piece, a sad and dreary dust collector.

Sophie squeezed Anna even more lovingly and decided that she will change this. Immediately after returning home (no matter what will be the result of her Olympic race) she will learn (as you will do, hopefully) how to expose her adorned artefact to everyone’s colossal delight! Presented to be noticed as an essential co-builder of joy and good feelings at her home!


Replica of the story 

In the story, you saw that there could be some objects in our lives which were once an important part of it.  So you want to keep them around in your home, obviously.  And if they are still a part of our home at the present,  to continue to express their importance for us (but are not a part of your everyday practical functioning anymore) you should consider them as very important decor items. And these items are the “main characters” of this blog.

You also have many very important items in your home, surely. But to be able to trigger most successfully your nostalgic memory with this special decor items, you should reconsider if they are properly placed in your home and learn how to make this wright! 

Don’t follow your instinct when deciding how and where to place them. Don’t put them somewhere central to your living area. As you could learn from the story, putting your beloved objects, somewhere in the central position of your living space is usually the wrong thing to do. Although it seems obvious, to do so, because of its importance to you, don’t! This important objects should be considered as decor. They should, therefore, function as a very important additive to your life as a witness of great memories, but also as an ornament! 

If this favourite decor item lies too close to us, that is in our every day reaching presence; it is hard for us to notice it! We rob ourselves of all the delight of having this precious decor item in our home if we misplace it like this!

It takes some knowledge to include/place your most precious artefacts in your home correctly. So let’s learn how to expose an adorned object to a colossal delight. I promise you will emerge victorious after implementing the new knowledge of how to present unique/ supported decoration. So will Sophie, after she returns home and transforms properly the spot in her home, just for exposer of Anna.

Now let’s start and do some fun learning!

. . .

Exposing an adorsed artifact to a colossal delight 

It is a simple three-step process: (1)find your adored decor artefact, (2)place your adored object properly and (3)design the chosen location of your adored item properly.

1. Find your adored decor artifact

Photo by Unsplash & Pixabay
Walk through your home, garden or office in your mind and list the things you are attached to. For example: for nostalgic reasons, items that trigger a memory or a story…

Now, make a real walk through your living space and find some more beloved objects like paintings, sculptures, photographs, plant (bonsai), aquarium, toy, souvenier, etc. physically present. Make photos of them.


In the end, choose one favourite decor item of yours to follow the next step of placing this item correctly.

2. Place your adored artifact properly

Photo by Pixabay

We could saw in Sophie’s story,  that putting your adored object centrally and too near to you (when for decor function) is mostly wrong. More omnipresent it is, nearer and within a daily reach it is, the sooner it will fade! The intensity of its unique message and beauty will no longer be accessible.

It turns out that proper place for exposing special objects are not the rooms and parts of longer holding. For example living room, bedroom, studio etc are not OK in this case.
The right places in your home for exposing special decor objects are the areas of transition, like entrance room, short passage, the staircase, paths in the garden.

Beloved artefact exposed in places of transition will be noticed. They will restrain their importance to us. Seeing them and admiring them in transition will trigger flashback memories and respectful attitude. It will stay present in our conscious and subconscious image of home forever as a part of colossal delight, the joy we will have when coming and staying home.
With this knowledge, you can accurately place your special chosen decor items in the most suitable areas of your home.

. . .

Now let’s start and find the ideal expose spot for your special decor item in your home transition areas!

Fun exercise of searching expose spot

  • Take or draw your floorplan. It does not have to be perfect or in the correct size ratios. Simply drawing will do perfectly fine.

  • Now imagine your daily movements, from the moment you wake up to the moment you lie down for a sleep. Draw the lines of this traffic on your floorplan. For example: start in your bed and make the first line to your bathroom/toilet. Then draw a line of returning to your bedroom. Then a line going to your wardrobe with clothes, then to the bathroom to get dressed up. Then to your kitchen… and so on and so forth until the last evening/night journey from your bathroom to your bed.

  • Now, when all your daily traffic is drawn, you can find ideal spots for the exposer of your special decor. I find and tagged eight of them somewhere besides this lines, representing all my analyzed home travelling. And as you can see, they are always close to the footpath of the home movement.


When your special decor object will be put on this expose spots you will notice this decor objects differently. You will admire them in transition and they will trigger flashback memories and lift your respectful attitude. Your special and beloved items will stay present inside of you, in the mental image of your home forever. As a part of colossal delight, of the joy, you will have when coming or leaving home.

. . .

Now inspect one chosen spot of yours and design it considering the rule “Less is more”!

3. Design your special decor surrounding 

Ensure the appropriately humble and matching surrounding (colours, forms, materials) to make your decor peace shine!
You have many blogs at www.poweroflivingspace.com on when, why and how to use the principle “Less is more”.
Below I give you just one illustarting example!
If you buy a great new painting with cypresses, you should honour this painting with the matching redesign of near surroundings.
New color of the wall, to expose the painting more calmly, is perfect!

. . .

The Takeaway


You have learned the amazing fact of positioning the special, beloved items in the area where you can admire them most efficiently.
Don’t put them somewhere exposed to near to observes, because their strong warm message will fade away if commonly seen and present in rooms where you are holding in most of the time. Put them in places of transition. They should be in the position where you should see them rather just for a glimpse, so they can stay in your (sub)consciousness forever, as a part of your colossal home.
Implement three steps do expose your beloved item to a colossal delight with it. You will gain more comfort, sense of safety, self-identity and calmingly intimacy, which is health-related imaging result. If not, the same loved object will loos its magic, will fade away! So act upon in this blog given advice!
Please answer in comments the following two questions:

Do you think you can offer to all family members the same “expose standard”, so everyone can place its beloved object in the proper expose spot?

What do you think, can certain ideal expose spot withstand just one object or it can withstand two three or even more objects? 

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See you next time for simple bits of advice on evoking the beneficial powers of your living space!

Izidor HABJANIČ Dori


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