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The power of living space in service of health 

Healthy living tips to make Your Home your Health Fortress

How interior design affects health

Izidor Habjanič Dori

landscape architect, interior designer, living space energy researcher, and publicist



Learn how to design your Home as Fortress of Health

Do you have a healthy lifestyle? This is tips on how to start a healthy living.

Why exactly should you increase your home’s capabilities to become your health fortress? Because home’s skills for defending and preserving your health are enormous and are rarely wholly used.

Proper home design can establish a surrounding filled with the energy of sereneness. This energy triggers and dramatically increases your capability to recover from lousy health states of stress and strain quickly, left behind your work and everyday survival activities.

Just with some small design changes in your home, you can protect your health, and consequently, preserve your capabilities to run your activities towards your happy life successfully and with all the power needed!
In this and the next few blogs, I will advise you on quick, cheap and easy done changes in your living space, small design refinements, to lift the energy of sereneness in your home, garden or even office and make it function as your strong health fortress! It is easy! Let me teach you how, starting with your home.

. . .

Important home areas for your recovery

For your smooth start, we will begin with tree most critical “hotspot” areas of your home: (1)bed area, (2)favorite seating area and (3)entry area. This is your home’s best health defending places, because of their significant potential to speed up your recovery process. Act with small redesign changes in this areas and get excellent results immediately!

. . .


The first hotspot for lifestyle changes is your bed area.

Shure, you know that already, but your bed area is your home’s most important spot for your thorough recovery process. You should act very committed in this area and ensure the powerful capability that your sleeping place can offer: the free protection of your health thru recovery from strain and stress accumulated throughout the day. Check out your situation and then work on it in simple steps listed below.

  1. Put your bed in your bedroom in the proper Feng shui position! Check below and relocate your bed if needed to ensure your recovery process while asleep!

Bed location and orientation depending upon the position of the bedroom doorway

2. Orient your bed in a proper Feng shui direction for you and your partner in an easy three-step process.

First, find your personal Feng shui energy number below. Simply find the row with your birth date and check your Feng shui energy number by your gender. For example, I was born on 07. 05. 1957 (male), so my Feng shui energy number is 7!

Second, check your good directions, according to your Feng shui energy number. For example, if your Feng shui energy number is 2, your good directions are NE, W, NW, and SW. And if your Feng shui number is 5 and you are a female, your good directions are SW, NW, W, and NE, and for example, if your Feng shui number is 9, your good directions are E, SE, N and S and so on.

In this tabel, you define beneficial directions for you, according to your Feng shui Energy number

Finally, orient your bed in beneficial direction for you so that your head will point (when lying) to any one of your four benevolent directions. If your bed is used with your partner, orient your bed in the direction that is positive for both of you.

I’m very sorry if your analyses are showing that your bed is not standing in the right position and primarily if it is not oriented as adviced! But if this is the case, correct the position and orientation of your bed as most urgent. It is necessary and of most importance to get this two right. According to Feng shui, you can derive proper recovering process only with correct bed location and orientation. So please do implement this to ensure smooth movement of your daily accumulated stress and to protect your health!

3. Make small redesign changes in your bedroom for enabling dominance of serene energy in your sleeping area. This small redesign changes will lift the recovery capabilities of bed area, even more:

(3.1) prevent the presence of bright screaming colors, textures (strong patterns, contrasting patterns), sharp and sparky shapes and glossy materials (shiny surfaces, glass, and crystal) which lower the calming atmosphere of your bed area,

(3.2) avoid the presence of disturbing equipment, like exercise equipment, TV, tablets, mobile phones, piles of books which ruin the calming atmosphere of bed area,

(3.3) prevent the presence of strong iconography (lively content paintings, sculptures, photographies of children) which lessens the calming atmosphere of bed area;

. . .

4 PICTURES GALLERY ILLUSTRATING THE BED AREA DISCUSSION: The gallery below is starting with the lousy example picture, followed by a good example picture and lastly ending with two before/after photos as an example of implementing some possible changes presented in this blog, in favor of lifting the bed area’s ability to boost your recovery.

This lively bed area has the very low competence to perform in favor of your overnight recovery.

This calm bed area design can supply serene energy for your best night recovery

Before: bed area with minimal recovery capability / After: with redesign, its ability for recovery from stress and strain awakens significantly

. . .


The second chosen hotspot to start with lifestyle changes is your favorite armchair or sofa area, your most beloved place where you seat to relax.

Your armchair spot is of great importance for your recovery process, running while you are awake (or half awake), seating quietly and loosely. Check out your “armchair situation” and then act upon in simple steps listed below:

  1. Put your armchair (or sofa) in the proper Feng shui position! Check below and relocate your armchair/sofa if needed!

Armchair location depending upon the position of doorway and direction you face while sitting

2. Orient your armchair/sofa in a proper Feng shui direction in a three-step process (the same process as in the case above, done for your bed area).

Find the row with your birth date and read your Feng shui energy number by your gender to define the directions that are good for you (use the tables above). Finally, orient your armchair/sofa with your face side in one of four affirmative directions.
If you use sofa/couch with your partner, orient it in the direction that is positive for both of you.

3. Enable serene energy to dominate with small redesign changes of your armchair/sofa area.

  • ensure enough space (min. 70 cm) in front of your armchair/sofa for your legs and disable any traffic behind it,
  • minimize the presence of colors, forms, and materials considering the rule “Less is more,”
  • organize furniture and equipment seen from your armchair/sofa in a recognizable pleasant order (axial design, symmetry, determining one central visual theme, color, form or material);

. . .

4 PICTURES GALLERY ILLUSTRATING THE ARMCHAIR AREA DISCUSSION: The gallery below is starting with the lousy example picture, followed by a good example picture and lastly ending with the two before/after photos as an example of implementing some beneficial changes presented in this blog, in favor of lifting the armchair area’s ability to boost your recovery.

This sofa/armchair area presents to much visual mess and is unable to support the recovery process efficiently (Photo by Unsplash)

The excellent example of designed tranquility by implementation of “Less is more” principle with spare color use of blue and white and “Throne” positioned sofa, back protected and in the center of pleasing symmetry (Photo by Unsplash)

Before/After — redesign with reduction of textures amount for greater recovery ability (Photo by Flaunter.com on Unsplash)

. . .

After implementation of advised redesign actions for your armchair/sofa area, you will be more relaxed when using this area. Able to read, listen to the music, or just observe the surroundings, seen thru your window and recharge your batteries to a great extent.

. . .


The third hotspot you should deal with for increasing the recovery potential of your home is your entry area.

The entry area is the spot where you enter your private world, place where you stand, after coming thru your main door. The entrance hall anteroom is a significant recovery part of your home because it is a solid starter of your recovery process. It allows you to quickly change your mode of “being unsafe on the outside,” to the mode of being “completely safe and embraced by your home.”

Check out your situation and then act upon in few steps listed below:

Thoroughly scrutinize your entrance area for any possible defects and damages on walls, ceiling, and ground, or any other deficiency on furniture and equipment. Fix it or eliminate this errors!

Remove everything unnecessary to ensure maximum transparency and spaciousness of this area. Now design just one center of attention, a particular surplus in this transparent and spacious area. But don’t overdo it!

Do not fall for visual pleasing decorative suggestions that serve just and only as ornaments. The necessary space for cloth disposal on this picture is almost entirely occupied with (in the end) dust collecting decoration elements. (Photo by Unsplash)

. . .

4 PICTURES GALLERY ILLUSTRATION TO THE ENTRY AREA DISCUSSION: The gallery below is starting with the lousy example picture, followed by a good example picture and lastly ending with the two before/after photos as an example of implementing some possible changes presented above, in favor of lifting the entry area ability for boost your health and start your recovery process just after entering your home

This entry area has no uplifting focus point, and can’t invoke the feeling of happiness at entering home

This entry area has an uplifting focus point and can evoke the sense of joy at coming home.

Before/After — small redesign of entry area for its calmer but steel dynamic enough appearance (Photo by Unsplash)

Congratulations, you arrived at the end

I gave you some straightforward advice on needed (re)design actions to ensure that your home will become and stay your real Health fortress, an ideal place for refraining from stress/strain of your work-related activities and thoughts.

Yes, the redesign suggestions are simple. But they are powerful and ensuring for your home to become a Health fortress. Please stay committed to follow them and carry out the proposed easy to execute steps! Remember:

“Everything that is easy to do is also easy not to do” — John ROHN

Anyhow, you are now capable to boost your recovery process and lift the health preserving capabilities in three essential areas of your home! You can do it if you desire so!

In the very near future, I will teach you how to upgrade recovery and health lifting possibilities of your living space even more. With some focused redesign acts in your garden and at your office.

Living space should be conditioned to speed up your recovery process in favour of your health. You deserve it and should ensure it! Your home can and most certainly will protect your health! It just needs some small redesigning. I will be glad if you let me guide you further through this process of introducing the do and don’ts of healthy living.

… and please share to help others find it! Go forth and follow me on Medium where you can Kindly tap the? 🙂!  Thanks in advance if you leave a comment below!

See you next time for simple bits of advice for evoking the beneficial powers of your living space!

Izidor HABJANIČ Dori



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