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Closing the road to “Feeling worthless” and to other “Not fun” places!

Is this warning sign a good news and relevant to you? Of course, it is! 

Izidor Habjanič Dori

landscape architect, interior designer, living space energy researcher, and publicist

In this messy life, do you often feel worthless, insecure and trapped? 

If yes, learn a successful way against such struggle by implementing some tactics of special home instalments.

Lifting the powers of your living space against feelings worthless, insecure and trapped, just with some home instalments is fun and adds to the beauty and attractiveness of your home. And it is very easy to implement if you know how to do it!

This blog is offering this know-how and with it the possible closure of the road to “Feeling worthless” and/or closure of other roads to “Not so fun” places by teaching you why and how to engage effectively with special home instalments.

From now on, you can put a “Dead end” traffic sign to stop the traffic on any road that leads to struggle!

Photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash

“Ignoring the fruits of the present” by playing The W-golf

What do I mean by saying that we/you are all practising harmful “ignoring the fruits of the present”?

Like most of us, you are often performing a certain mental activity against the present, postponing the moment of the “now”, right? And that is where you are “ignoring the fruits of the present”. This is why I think that you are playing golf. Well, you and we all are playing a special kind of golf! A weird and harmful mental golf, the W-golf. The W-golf is my parable for ignoring the present. 

The W-golf is a mental play, where “W in the name stands for a group of ever-present conditioners in this game, starting with the condition “When“.

In W-golf play “the now” is the golfball and you are pushing it away from you into the future, in the direction of someday, “When” you will be able to enjoy the fruits of the (future) present, but only when, if, after … this or that will happen. For example, your life can be enjoyed only later, someday, when you will have this or that thing, after having so and so much money, after losing weight, after you won’t be or won’t feel so alone, after… in short: not now.

This way you’re mentally pushing your life away, losing a lot by pushing the fruits of the present.

Stop this W-golf play! Someday will never come! Just understand that this golf play, this “ignoring the fruits of the present” governs you and your life toward the feelings of being worthless, insecure and trapped. If you could stop the W-golf play, you could close the road to “feeling worthless” and to all other “not so fun” places!

Photo by Neobrand on Unsplash

I  highly recommend that you explore dipper the “Someday will never come” and other reasons for self-judgments and low-level anxiety with Geneen Roth in her new book “This massy Magnificant life”.  Learn from her about practical and poetical seeing on what could be wrong in any situation that pushes you again and again “on the road to feeling worthlessness”!

“Stop waiting to be ready to have the life! Someday will never come! Geneen Roth, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author.

This all isn’t totally new to you, is it? 

You instinctively know that life can get great immediately if you understand the hazard of playing W-golf and if you stop to ignore the fruits of the present. Although this all isn’t totally new to you, it is the most important consideration to agree on when starting the closure of the roads to places of your struggle. Now let’s go dipper!

Preventing the game triggers which cause you to play the W-golf 

You desperately need help to neutralize the triggers that start you to play the W-golf, especially when you are in the middle of life struggle. How do you remember to implement this “Someday will never come” wisdom in the middle of this messy life struggle?

Now, this is the really important question and I am giving you the needed answer which shouldn’t be a surprise to you either: Get the help of potential powers of your living space.

And how can you evoke this help when most needed? By previous home instalments of one or two special decor items.

Yes, the beautiful, interesting artefacts will direct your life toward happiness, joy and fulfilment! But how can that be?

Special beautiful and interesting home decor artefacts can provide mentally beneficial “stop thinking about when, if, after, etc.” sequences! Simply by their appeal to admire them, to enjoy them. When you enjoy your artefact the time stops! You are enjoying the fruit of now. This enjoyment is preventing and ultimately stopping your W-golf play mental loop.

The stops in “the now” enjoyment of your home artefacts are the key to stop your struggle. Special home artefacts are a really effective preventing “tool” against your harmful thinking!

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

Your chosen artefacts should be alive 

Any special beautiful and appealing object, a home decor element will do: painting, sculpture, souvenir, photo, etc. But I suggest that this special one or two chosen artefacts of admiration should be alive.

Let me tell you a real instructional story about the advantages of using a genuine live object. The story takes place in the American Museum of Natural history in New York City.

Meet the real miracle of 3 cm

Whenever in Big Apple, I never miss a visit to the American Museum of Natural history!  There, always excited, and while driven into myriad beautiful treasures of nature, I usually perform a miraculous metamorphose of becoming a young boy again.

It is spring 2006. NYC, the never sleeping one, awakes into a beautiful sunny morning. Everything is perfect! My family is part of the crowd gathered on the border of Central Park, eager to start an incredible journey to wonders of nature, presented in the American Museum of Natural history!
Can you imagine our excitement? The doors will open in a few moments. On this visit, my wife and I are bringing along for the first time our two curious boys. And exactly on this particular visit, something amazing happened…

There is so much to see, experience and learn, on every step of the museum’s journey, that everybody gets completely exhausted. Sooner or later!

The “sooner” exhausted once are usually the parents. And on this spring visit 2006 it was no different.

As many, my wife and I conveniently stopped to grab a cup of coffee, to catch a breath inside the Museum shop. But not the youngsters! No way! Museum shop is another world of interesting playful and also more serious toys to explore the nature further. It looks Fantastic!

Amazing toys, colourful books, models and all sorts of gadgets to get even closer to nature, to explore and to enjoy it. It seems that there is not a thing missing and the youngsters still have the energy to produce some constant buzzing of amazement over models of planets, plastic animals, bugs, stargazing gadgets, maps, globes, compasses and microscopes. But eventually even the young are somehow getting swallowed by fatigue and the constant buzz of the already tyred crowd…

Suddenly, something amazing and totally unexpected happened. We could feel the instant push of new lift of energy in the crowd.

A big circle was formed. And in the middle of this circle, in the middle of thousand colours, shapes and materials on offer, the real-life thing happened! A 3 cm big bug is slowly marching its way over some important business. Children are amazed, fully back alive and happy shouting the unanimous “looooook”, freezing the time flow for a moment.

The real, not even attractive looking small grey bug overshadowed all the fantastic colourful offer of the museum shop. All the gathered materials and toys about and around nature faded when confronted with this one small marching bug, the bug that was real and alive!


Replica of the story 

In the real story above we saw that the most attention and amazement can be obtained for the alive and utterly pristine, right? So in our mission of evoking the powers of our living space by using objects for interrupting the w-golf play, the best objects should be and really are, as just learned in the story, the alive ones.


Closing the roads to the unwanted directions, redirecting them to a joyful life


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Exposing artefacts, a three-step process: (1) find your decor artefact, (2) place your special object properly and (3) design the chosen location of your special item properly.

1. Find your special artefact

You should know that the choice of the right special beautiful and interesting item for the exposure is yours. But as learned from the story and explanations of why and how these items are helping you, I strongly suggest that you choose something alive. To be admired and to take your attention as easy as possible and as many times as possible.

Now, in my opinion, it is the best to choose from living objects from the home-indoor garden. That is my personal recommendation. Chose from three groups that will be or already are the important part of your home-indoor garden: (1) flower arrangements, (2) plants and/or (3) aquariums.


(1) The living home-indoor garden group of special object: flower arrangement

(Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

(2) The living home-indoor garden group of special object: plant

(Photo by Mike Marquez on Unsplash)

(3) The living home-indoor garden group of special object: aquarium


(Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash)


2. Place your special object properly and 3. Design the chosen location of your special item properly 

You will find all you need in my blog post How to expose decor for a colossal delight for excellent outperforming of this 2. and 3. step. Please read it again!


The Takeaway

 You have learned another amazing fact about the potential power of your living space: it can start an important change, a shift in your life, from struggles like feeling worthless, insecure and trapped! Just with some home instalments of special objects.

By targeted use of special items, it’s possible to stop some nonproductive and harmful going down the dangerous road of “someday”, that you probably also know or heard of before.

And today you’ve learned that you can use attractive objects in a powerful life-changing way. Be sure to use this knowledge!
I recommend you to use items from the home-indoor garden: (1) flower arrangements, (2) plants and/or (3) aquariums. In the next blog post, I will concentrate on each and every suggested group of this “ideal for the job” elements and introduce you to the knowledge of optimizing each and every one!
. . .

Try it out and be assured: now you can close the road to “Feeling worthless” and to other “non-fan places” and drive safely on the brighter roads, toward joyful and happier life!


Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

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See you next time for simple bits of advice on evoking the beneficial powers of your living space!

Izidor HABJANIČ Dori

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