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How can flowers balloon your home to a gigantic blissful umbrella?

Straightforward actually, by allowing them to develop healing energy!

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Izidor Habjanič Dori

landscape architect, interior designer, living space energy researcher, and publicist

Do you feel it’s time to turn your back on thinking about “Someday” and orient yourself more firmly toward fulfilment of “Now”? 

If you do, start to act! Use the successful way to lift the powers of your living space by implementing unique home instalments tactic. This time with fun instalments of flowers and flower arrangements, adding same time to the beauty and attractiveness of your home!

You’ve learned the basics of home instalments tactic in the previous blog Closing the road to “Feeling worthless”. Please reread it! It is a perfect start to this blog where you will deepen your skills and abilities to prepare and to use an essential part of your home-indoor garden: the flower arrangements.

Allow yourself to dream! 

Don’t worry about the above subtitle. I will be practical and very concrete with the advice that follows. But remember, in the headline I offered the way to balloon your home into a gigantic blissful umbrella!

I am sure you understand the “balloon” parable correctly, which stands for joy and happiness derived from home. So although you will, and you should get all the possible practical advice on the subject, allow yourself to dream non-stop while dealing with all the practicalities.

Dreams are significant, and I suggest that you always stay free to some degree from reality, by remaining “in the land of the (joyful) dreams”! You will get better results in reality by keeping a non-stop parallel dream about the beauty of “now”.

Of course, you should control the amount of parallel dreaming and adjust it with the nature of your momentary activity. For example, keep the level of present dreaming on a low profile while sawing wood, sewing patients wounds, when you cross the road, or when you are discussing your husband’s intelligence. In such and all the other dangerous activities and situations don’t dream too much.

The philosophical word Mindfulness represents an ideal mental state in which you are 100% present! It is a dream about the beauty of being in the presence! Hopefully, now you are getting closer to understand why I like to mix living space reality with dreams and why I talk about equation: homes = balloons?

Ballooning your home into an blissful umbrella is a dream dependent but very concrete goal! A way of organising your home for better life toward fulfilment.

So, humour me and dare to invest 3 minutes to dream about flyable umbrellas first.

Do you remember to dream? After you finish reading this whole blog, you can come back and click and dream for a minute or so!

Orient yourself more firmly away from “Someday” procrastination 

Do you remember from the previous blog how essential some living objects could be for saving ourselves from “Someday” procrastination?

Make sure to add flower arrangements as recognised special objects, the effective colourful hooks for mental wellbeing. They can be called the “bonbons” for happiness because they can save you from your harmful “someday” mental delusions and bring you in the proximity of the “now” fulfilment.

Now,  even if I use a term “bonbons” and go further with it, don’t be foolish! With a story, talking just about the parable of bonbons, you are now stepping into the practical part of this blog!


A colourfull dream story

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I like to talk about dreams, and so does my son’s girlfriend.

One day in the small hours of the early afternoon, while driving together in a tiny car, to a tiny town Kranj, Slovenia, she explained her “big” view on dreams and dreaming.

She said she heard that there are people that dream in pale colours or even without colours in black and white! But not me noted my son’s girlfriend. I always dream in bright colours! My dreams are so bright and colourful that I can remember them for years. I remember them way back from the times of my early childhood.

For example, there was a dream I had in my Kindergarten. In that dream, I head a unique magical guitar. And every time I played on it, magic happened. The colourful bonbons came out. Thousands! So I sat down in Kindergarten with my fellow children and played on this magical guitar. And with every gentle strike, colourful, bright bonbons exploded out of the guitar. Colours and joy everywhere!

Replica of the story 

While dreaming, we have no problem to assign magic to an object (guitar) to get some other things we desire (bonbons). With magic assigned items will provide not just “bonbons” but even more important value, infinitely more significant value, the life’s joy.

In real life, it is like in our dream story. You can deploy some unique objects from your home-indoor garden: (1) flower arrangements, (2) plants and (3) aquariums in a way that they provide you not just with visual uplifts/bonbons, boosting the beauty and attractiveness of your living space. Even more importantly, they can provide you with the infinitely more critical value, with life’s joy!

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Now let’s start learning how to “balloon” your home, as predicted, with special objects from your home-indoor garden: the flower arrangements.

How to: Flower arrangement

Designing and exposing flower arrangements can be a tremendously fulfilling experience! 

I will show you many ways to approach the know-how of fun and exciting flower arrangements design. And ideally, I will even try to convince you to grow a habit of continually feeding your awakened curiosity about the beautiful world of flowers. 

Proper care and arranging of flowers enable their use for the best condition and health of the residents. The beneficial energy of flower arrangements in living space will help you stay in “the present”, in the beauty of now. Use them extensively in your home and working place!

How to Make Flowers Last Longer 

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash


If you like to keep cut flowers around as long as possible, there are several useful methods. All are about preventing the flowers to dehydrate. Here are three simple ways for that:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons sugar in the vase water before adding the flowers. Be sure to change the water (with more vinegar and sugar, of course) every few days to enhance your flowers’ longevity.
  • Another famous recipe calls for three drops of bleach and one teaspoon sugar in 1 litre of water. This way you will also keep the water from getting cloudy and inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  • Just as it preserves your hairstyle, a spritz of hairspray can help your cut flowers look fresh longer. Stand a foot away from the bouquet and give them a quick spray, just on the undersides of the leaves and petals.

All above is proven. You can learn more about these DIY additives on Reader’s Digest. But you should, commercial additives you can bay at your florist are steel the best for keeping the flowers last longer.

Making Flower arrangements  

The beauty of flowers can’t be spoiled mutch or degraded by the way you arrange them. But most certainly their beauty can be significantly lifted by their excellent arrangement. Below we continue with some gathered ideas how to do that.

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I want to be very clear on this: you are tripling (at least) your chances to improve your life by every step you make in the direction of proper flowers arrangements.

Engaging in flower arranging world is not about how fast and how accurate you gather your knowledge. It is about enjoyment in the process!

So go slow and have fun! Lift your excitement for flowers and grow while the knowledge is pouring in! All you have to do now is follow a reminder/checklist below!


Make a habit of stopping at the local florist!


Often stop at your local store and enjoy the display of flowers on offer! Use this opportunity to have beautiful moments of enthusiasm and a great time!

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Use the internet to subscribe to exclusive blog pages


Use the internet to subscribe to many possible blog pages about the flowers and flower arrangement. For example, after you finish reading this whole blog, you can come back and click to check out this tree exclusive blog pages:  FloretSaipua and Tulipina.

Use Pinterest

Use Pinterest as a dynamic address to enjoy flower arrangements and to get the ideas. For example look (click) Pinterest or (Click and check after finishing reading)  my personal floral Pinterest collection

Visit your bookstore Regularly

Regularly visit your bookstores and enjoy their ever-changing offer.

Springtime is an excellent time to rob your library. Borrow yourself all new books about flowers and flower arrangements.

Don’t forget the bookstores on the internet. There you can find many great digital books. For example, I just bought a book “Martha’s Flowers” (The 90’th (!!!!) book of Martha Steward).

Visit Youtube Regularly

Visit Youtube regularly to collect know-how knowledge on how to arrange flowers and follow the exciting webinars and courses Youtube offers you. For example, Michael Gaffney teaches flower design or for example, Fundamentals of flower Arrangement at Astar’s place (and enjoy the New Zeland accent at the same time). Click on taste below (but after finishing reading blog).


. . .

Yes, the flowers are the synonym for beauty. You can boost their beauty by arranging them. That is how you open an even more active dialogue with them!

By preparing flower bouquets, by giving birth to particular new arrangements of flowers, you will most certainly lift your livings space’s pleasant influence on healthy “now” enjoyement.

Maybe you will go even further and start to climb the holy mountain of the art of flower arrangement. That is, you will perhaps begin to execute the activities for designing Japanese Ikebanas.

The Japanese high art of  Ikebana 

Admittedly I am not alone! The are millions of us, and it is entirely possible that you are one of us too: the great and humble admirer of Japanese high art of Ikebana.

The admiration of this art should not stop you from immediately sneaking into it’s know how. Don’t wait and postpone! Remember, “someday” will never come! Start immediately!

Photo by carouge.ch

There are many youtube webinars you can start. For example, check this two Youtube video seminars after you finish reading.


This special objects will provide not only great visual emphasis to your living space. Even more importantly, they will provide the life’s joy!

There are many how-to books and review articles on Japanese ikebana in bookstores and on the internet.

And I am sure that some seminars are going on in your local community at this very moment!


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The Takeaway


You have to get closer to flowers! I showed you a lot of exciting and inspiring direction to continue the journey of getting closer to flowers and flower arrangement.

I hope you could find enough inspiring ways to approach the flowers and flower arrangements and that you will have even more fun and affection towards them after checking and clicking on all the links I gave you inside the blog text!

Some of you will go even on a steeper but also more fulfilling way of practising Japanese art of Ikebana…

In the end, it doesn’t matter which way of getting closer to flowers and flower arrangement you will choose. With any of above activities, you will turn your home, this large umbrella, to your blissful life balloon!

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See you next time for simple bits of advice on evoking the beneficial powers of your living space!

Izidor HABJANIČ Dori

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