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4 smart ways to improved destiny with living space energy boost

How can you improve your destiny with DIY energy lifting room interior design, decoration, home space or style change?

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Is it even possible to do that, to change your destiny?

You can start an efficient process of improving your destiny with the help of your living space energy, that is with proper adjustments to your living room, room interior, decoration and, style.

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Is it even possible to do that, to change your destiny? Yes, it is! Definitely and proven! So, continue reading. You will boost your living space energy and the changes will start…

It will work for all of you, even for those of you put in hard times at this very moment (cheated, disappointed, without work and enough earnings, exhausted, filing alone, insecure).

But why and how can this work? Why is it possible to unlock your higher calling and destiny efficiently with the help of your home space?

The very known fable “The three Little pigs” can be of help to understand that…

The Three Little Pigs

This is a fable about three pigs who build three houses of different materials. A bad wolf blows down the first two pigs’ houses, made of straw and sticks respectively, but is unable to destroy the third pig’s house, made of bricks.

The third pig is the master of his destiny, by being the master of yesterday (patience for building strong).

I found a short, interesting logical sequence (Adulting) that explains why the third pig had the best destiny (and why 4 ways to boost living space energy for improved destiny will successfully help you)!

“You can be the master of your tomorrow (your higher destiny and call) if you agree to be the master of the yesterday (like the third pig was because of his belief that building strong and with patience is crucial)!”

But what can you do about yesterday?

Well, today is the future yesterday and here is your chance!

You are consciously or unconsciously building the quality of “today” with your beliefs.  Acknowledge that and you can enhance your “today” with proper beliefs. Tomorrow, this, with better beliefs supported “today”, will become your “yesterday”. Now, you will be the master of this “yesterday”, and (according to the above sequence) the real master of your tomorrow, that is of your destiny. 

Change your beliefs and you and your destiny will change!

Have proper beliefs!

Your success towards your higher calling and destiny rests upon a way of having proper beliefs. Proper beliefs trigger a positive sequence.

They let you manage your decisions, thoughts, and actions in a better way. Tomorrow, when they become a yesterday’s investment, they will results in what you see, live, and feel tomorrow. Again you will postpone good beliefs even with this better experience and manage your new decisions, thoughts, and actions. And so fort and so on and on… Your destiny will start to roll in the direction of your higher destiny and call…

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There are many known and proven ways to change your destiny thru changing your beliefs with accordance to your possibilities and full potential.

One method for changing your beliefs (you heard of it, I am sure) is NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) with proven technic to alter your beliefs: NLP acts to change your beliefs, to consequently change your behaviour, and then finally to change your results, your destiny, your better fate.  

I am exposing two NLP milestones of this technic:

  • repeating (positive, self-esteem) affirmations
  • keeping a gratitude journal.

Your living space can be a reliable help for repeating positive, self-esteeming affirmations and for keeping your gratitude level high. Consequently, your living space can be a trigger and a supporter of your better (beneficial) beliefs! So, living space can effectively nurture your way of changing your destiny.

With four ways below, you are repeating the positive affirmations and keeping your gratitude present.

WAY #1: 

Calm your living space image

Calm down the looks of your living space, the image you see every day! How?

You should inspect your living space first. Decide where it is most needed for you to intervene and bring the tension down. Where in your living space do you notice the most chaotic atmosphere?

Now start acting. Use the principle “Less is more”. Narrow down the multitude of colours, textures and materials, sharp contrast, and of course the disturbing multitude of decorative items.

Use my VIDEO that guides you thru all the possibilities you have, to beneficially calm down the image.

Use this Way #1 to bring the repeating affirmation that your life is in order and harmony into your life. You will get constant (mostly subconscious) affirmation that you are in control of your life, and able to enjoy the richness of it, not being overwhelmed by it.

Photo by eonline.pw

WAY #2: 

Act with simple harmony Feng shui move for a better destiny


Here I suggest a straightforward intervention to support your best destiny using Feng Shui BA GUA. 

The BA GUA spot, the acting area on your desk we will use is called: reputation/self- expression. 



Nowadays this spot in front of us on our working desk is almost in all the cases reserved for the computer, laptop etc.

To make this object also a booster (in a way it is for sure this already) for your destiny, I suggest you instal a unique passion and life reflecting desktop saver. For example, take the one below. 



This aqua world representation with its colours and graceful movement should support you and your best destiny on the energy level, according to Feng shui.

Keep the above-suggested VIDEO of aquarium rolling… it is your affirmation and grateful insurance that you are on the right track for your higher calling.

The Monarch club members can use some extra advice (workbook) on how to “involve” with a real aquarium.

WAY #3: 

Organize at least three spaces, drawers, or shelfs

Organize at least three storage spaces, drawers or shelves that you use daily or more frequently. Put everything not needed away. Then organise everything optimally.

The Monarch club members can use the extra advice  on how to do this in the unique workbook: “17 least favourites, out!”. 

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WAY #4:

Clean your glass surfaces

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Clean all your glass surfaces spotlessly: windows, mirrors, showcases … You can use the advice on how to do this, explained in a blog post (link).

The Monarch club members can grab the workbook- perfectly balanced calendar on all the needed maintenance action and cleaning rhythms. 

This will give you an affirmation that you are in control of your life and ensure your gratitude for everything around you (the world outside – thru the windows) and even your reflections in the mirror will be in a clearer state. With no doubt, a real affirmation and appreciation are possible for you in now more crystal clear surrounding.

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Using this 4 ways to boost living space energy for improved destiny you will start to express your living space differently.

It is a healthy and efficient start. It is a start to develop an image of your different, beautiful home, garden and office. An image as a mirror of you, being grateful for your life and being the creator of your future thru your better beliefs.

A new destiny will develop!

Thank you for your time and attention and see you next time for simple bits of advice on evoking the beneficial powers of your living space! Please feel free to leave a comment and share this blog on social media!

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