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The simplest recipe to enrich your life

How can a well-known but mostly unknown living space ingredient, the tree, help you enrich your life?


This time, let’s get to know the well-known, but mostly not known ingredient of our ambience: the tree!

In wild spaces, rural landscapes and even in most populated urban areas, trees are a reasonably natural ingredient, present at each step. Let’s take a closer look at them and recognize the potentials of these environment members. Suddenly, we will see trees as excellent presents for our better, fuller life!

For illustrating the potential and the abilities of trees in this blog, I leaned back on an unknown hero, a medium-sized tree in the magical rural landscape of the village Drežnica, Slovenia (photo above).

Invest few minutes (estimated reading time is 10 minutes) in opening the doors to the path of better understanding the importance of trees and even how to make better use of them, to fulfil your life!

Have fun reading! Just enjoy looking carefully at the given examples and photos and think about the given suggestions.

Let me introduce to you … just some tree!

Photo 1: A magnificent panoramic view with a very rarely noticed co-creator of the landscape picture of Drežnica. Marked is a randomly chosen middle tree, that is undoubtedly a part of this magnificent view.

Recently, on a beautiful summer day in June, I met with two students of mine, who happened to be school teachers. That is a common practice of ”The power of living space” seminars that I give: visits and tips at home.

This visit was special! Not just because meeting and working with both brisk and friendly teachers, but because, as you can see from the cover panoramic photography, I met them at the beautiful end of Slovenia, in Kobarid and in the nearby village Drežnica, where both teachers live.

On the driveway, close to the village, I was taken over by a paradise view of the mountains and hills, covered with rugged carpets of woods and greenery. Bellow them; I noticed, first of all,  the eye-catching Drežnica church, which stands like a shepherd, surrounded by a cluster of great village cottages, that I saw next in their sheeplike positions. These are main panorama stars in the spotlight of paradise view. 

Suddenly I feel the need to redefine the hierarchy of players that constitute an attractive image of Drežnica. 

Fixing the injustice

I decided that it is reasonable and fair to exalt and elevate some other of the many of these players. Randomly I choose one player that never gets the spotlight but also co-creates the heavenly vision below the mountain ”Krn”: some simple tree, randomly selected medium-sized tree.

This tree, as if it tries to draw attention to itself, “lifted on its toes”. But probably it is never enough, to be seen or noticed … even though it is a co-creator of the divine image of the landscape surrounding Drežnica. Let us fix this injustice! Although this tree is randomly selected, and although there are so many of them, we should get to know this one more closely.

His real name should remain a secret, but I introduce him under the pseudonym, … dear readers, let me introduce you: Master Jean-Claude!

Photos 2 and 3: Drežnica and Master Jean-Claude, inside the blue attention circle. Master Jean-Claude is a sincere, relaxed and playful tree, which welcomes you when you enter the village.

Exceptional characteristics of Master Jean-Claude

Master Jean-Claude (1) reduces the harmful effects of direct sun radiation and prevents overheating of the ambient and the soil; (2) contributes to reducing humidity and occurrence of mist, (3) provides better air (-CO2, + H2O and + O2); (4) reduces the amount of dust, and harmful particles, (5) offers a living space for plants and animals and, of what Master Jean-Claude is even more proud, (6) raises aesthetic and psychological comfort to people in its vicinity.

Master Jean-Claude has an ability to protect the house next to it. It protects the home (1) against rain and snow (facade), (2) against winds (it reduces the wind blowing towards the house to 50% of the initial power), (3) against daytime solar radiation and night transmitting radiation (heat loss), (4) against dust & noise, (5) and the houses located south, west and east of Master Jean-Claude are most properly sunny.

Master Jean-Claude produces biomass and, last but not least, fruit. Yes, Master Jean-Claude is something special, although it’s not special since this is common for every tree. Actually, no tree stays behind Master Jean-Claude’s skills.

… and with all these beautiful features, characteristics and skills, the growth of trees is just a guarantee that these are progressing in strength and scope. The true amount of all the good that the trees offer is slowly but extensively growing. A comparison of growth shows how great is the value of sixty or even more years old trees (see below)!

Illustration 1: Real comparison of increment of trees in time (Source: Oekologisches Bauen, Krusche, Althaus, Gabriel). 

Allow me to excite you to spiritually adopt some tree, … any tree!

I insist that Master Jean-Claude, with all his abilities, is nothing special. All the trees are magnificent. So do not blame me for pointing Master Jean-Claude out. But I pointed it out because this is now my tree, which I have spiritually adopted!

Let’s be happy and take advantage of everything that life offers us. In this case, take advantage of the wealth around us, the advantage that we have many trees!

Let me delight you to do something extraordinary for yourself! Go and adopt your tree! Choose it and adopt it on a spiritual level! Take its virtual seed and plant it in your heart.

Do you know the book “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein? If possible, scroll through it! 

I believe that you’ve heard that there are techniques, knowledge, and even schools for the most powerful spiritual connection to trees: touching, meditating, embracing, quietly socializing.

Numerous reports and evidence of the beneficial effects of association with trees prove that trees can calm down, enrich and heal your life.

The connection with trees is a recipe for a different, more fulfilled life.

If you are interested in the knowledge and methods (systems, techniques, shapes), you can easily read about it or get to know it online.

Photo: Pinterest.com


Today’s advice is straightforward to implement, with profound positive consequences: Choose a tree and adopt it spiritually!

Go these days for a walk, find a tree (the right tree will convince you to choose it in some way) and adopt it.

It does not need to be the biggest, the most beautiful or the most powerful tree. It does not need to grow in your garden or belong to you. Don’t be interested in physical/legal ownership. You do not even need to talk about this (especially if the tree belongs to your mother-in-law).

Adopt your tree spiritually! When you know that this tree is your tree, selected by your heart, start coexisting with it. That’s all!

What cohabitation is sufficient? Wear it in your heart! Visit it now and then, grab it by the trunk, lean against it!

Your life will change.

And after a while, adopt one more tree, and another one … and all that grows below it and the birds that fly through tree, just everything there, climbing, crowding and shingling … and more and more and more … embrace the whole of life

… and if possible, grab hold of someone else’s hand at the same time, just to the slightest!


How to efficiently complete today’s contribution with straightforward advice?

… somewhere grows a tree to become your tree. Find this tree and adopt it!

If you choose a destination for a beautiful trip, go to Kobarid and continue to Drežnica! And if you can, greet Master Jean-Claude there, my tree!


Have fun! 

Izidor Habjanič Dori


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